Wish I Might by Kait Nolan




Wish I Might by Kait Nolan, Cover
Wish I Might, Cover



Welcome back to Wishful, Mississippi in Kait Nolan’s romance novel, Wish I Might.  Wishful, where everyone knows all the latest gossip and everything about the residents.  Wishful, where everyone’s considered family or friend;  typical small town USA.

Cecily Dixon, graphic designer extraordinaire, followed her boss, Norah to Wishful.  Cecily loves Wishful and the small town atmosphere of gossip, warmth and caring.  A day at the diner can be better than an episode of Days of Our Lives.  However, Cecily is keeping a secrets.  Secrets which impacts every area of her life.

Reed Campbell, owner of the local bookstore, had one chance with Cecily last summer.  A chance he bungled. What did he do wrong?   Reed hands are full fending off his latest employee and keeping the bookstore from stagnating.  His vision for the bookstore as a community hub has not materialized.  However, Reed has a plan to bring Cecily back into his sphere, solve his cougar problem, and revitalize his bookstore.  Now he just has to get Cecily on board.


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