Taken by The Night By Lucy Lyons


The Vampire’s Spell Book 1

Taken By The Night
Taken By The Night










Taken By the Night features Master Vampire Lord Nicholas DeElbrecht, hoards of vampires, vampire hunters, hatred, jealousy, and romance.  Caroline watched as her parents were destroyed by a vampire.  Taken in and fostered by a family of the Venatores lamiae, she joins the school to learn and hunt vampires.  For the Venatores lamiae are vampire hunters.  Charlotte has been raised to hate and fear all vampires.  The only truth she knows is what the Venatores lamiae have given her.

David and Clay are her brothers of spirit if not blood.  As a result, they are always together, competing in lessons;  Caroline loves David.  Kidnapped by a vampire and taken to the Master Vampire‘s lair, Carolina faces questions.  She questions, who’s really the villains and who’s the hunter in this war.  Fascinated with Master Vampire Nicholas DeElbrecht, Carolina will also faces the fact she’s attracted to the Master.  Who’s the good guys and who’s the villain?  Is her heart leading her astray?  Why has this war persisted for thousands of years and what are they are hiding?  My romance book reviews of Taken By The Night by author Lucy Lyons follows.


In Taken By The Night, author Lucy Lyons presents a new take on vampires and vampire hunters.  From the first pages of this story, Lyons grabs the reader and does not let go until the finale.  Presenting Caroline’s character, in the first pages, I found a competitive, strong, determined young woman on the verge of adulthood.  Giving her brothers of the spirits on which she could reply for security and care, Lucy Lyons also wove plot lines of love into the story line.  However, one of her spirit brothers is holding devastating secrets.


Resisting Darkness Book 3 of the Forrest of Darkness Novels By Kate Wendley

resisting darkness



Ethan’s And Harmony’s Story

Is Harmony His Salvation Or His Downfall?



This book grabbed me from the first page and left me screaming for more at the end.  The hook is set deep and fast in this novel by author Kate Wendley as we learn more and more about her shifter/vampire community and the lives of each shifter/vampire.


Author Kate Wendley continues our journey in a very different shifter/vampire world.  In Author Kate Wendley’s latest vampire tale, we follow Ethan and Harmony.  Ethan is out for vengeance against the person that killed the love of his life, Sonya.  He is a hot mess obsessed with killing Isaiah who just


The Human Cure By Tracy Auerbach

The Human Cure



How Do You Like Your Vampires?

Loving, Kind, Scary, Cruel?

Welcome To A New Vampire World!




Author Tracy Auerback has created a vampire world I have never seen before.  This is a tale of vampires in the down and dirty world they occupy below New York and the world where they hunt.  It is raw, gritty, gory, and filled with monsters.  It also a story of love and sacrifice.



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