Hope’s Bakery By Sophie Mays


A Contemporary Christian Romance (Magnolia Harbor Book 1)

Hope's Bakery
Hope’s Bakery










In Hope’s Bakery, single mother Hope Nolan, owns Hope’s Bakery; the only one of its kind in her small town. Hope’s life has not been easy as her son father’s left without a word and never seen again.  Since then, Hope stayed away from her church, using work as an excuse.  Often her mother tries to persuade Hope to attend and reconnect with her church family.

So far, the bakery’s doing well; she’s known around town as the “The Wedding Cake Queen”.  If things continue to go well, in six months, Hope can hire a helper which will free up much-needed time for her.  With her small son to support, her bakery needs to succeed.  Watching every penny, doing all the work herself, and worrying if the orders will keep coming, Hope lives with daily stress.

However, disaster looms on the horizon.   A new restaurant’s opening up across the street serving deserts and coffee, as well as, meals.  The chef’s extensively trained in Italy;  which scares Hope to death.  If her bakery goes under, what will she do?  How will she support Rylan?  Meeting the chef, Michael, she feels attraction immediately.  But, she has no time for men or romance. However, Michael will not go away;  coming to the bakery every morning for coffee and sweets.  How will all this play out?  Will love bloom for Hope?  My romance book review of Hope’s Bakery follows.


First I must say I loved this book which author, Sophie Mays, filled with emotion and family dynamics.  Mays built the romance in Hope’s Bakery gently and slowly.  The reader discovers Michael’s a Christian man searching for forever;  not heated emotions of the moment.  With Christian values and faith in God, he gently shows Hope a better way of business and life. Including Rylan’s a skillful stroke as he’s a wonderful child.  I wanted to kiss him all over his face and tickle him until he cried for help.


Making Mom Mad By Stacy Eaton


The Celebration Series Book 6

Making Mom Mad by Stacy Eaton
Making Mom Mad, Cover



Making Mom Mad returns to Celebration and the latest love story’s between Corrine and Nolan.  Corrine, as a single mother of an active five-year old son, is out of her depth.  She has stretched herself to the limit with nursing school, a full-time job, and raising Tommy.  She has little patience or time for Tommy.

Nolan, who has loved Corrine from afar for years, watches as she screams and scolds Tommy continuously.  Although he tries to help Corrine, everything that comes out of his mouth makes her mad.  He takes two steps toward and three steps back.  Will Nolan ever find a way to show Corrine how much she and Tommy mean to him?  Will Corrine ever see what she is doing to Tommy?  Is romance in the air for these two? My reviews for romance novel, Making Mom Mad, follows.



Firstly, if you have not visited the small town of Celebration, you have missed a treat.  Each book features two characters falling in love and their trials and tribulations and, of course, the citizens of Celebration, Pennsylvania.  Book 6 of the


Lalibela’s Wise Man By Matshona Dhliwayo


Lalibela's wiseman
Lalibela’s Wise Man, cover









Lalibela’s Wise Man

is revelant to our world today.  With Christian values and insight, come with Christian as he discovers the true values in life are not money or riches.




Author Matshona Dhliwayo has crafted a wonderful tale of the true meaning of wealth and life in Lalibela’s Wise Man.  Christian’s very wealthy father has died and amazingly left Christian nothing except a small box containing a note.  Hence, this was gut wrenching for Christian as he was his father’s favorite son.  Consequently, Christian is left downhearted, angry, and without an anchor.  Christian’s two never do well brothers were the recipients of his father’s vast empire.  Christian’s instructions are to travel to Ethiopia and the wise man of Lalibela.  Christian embarks


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