Second Helpings At The Serve You Right Cafe by Tilia Klebenov Jacobs

Book Review

Emet is the chef at the Second Helpings At The Serve You Right Cafe, he is also an ex-con released after 10 years spent in the Big House for manslaughter.  Eden Rose, a reformed alcoholic, is Emet’s boss and fount of 2nd helpings at th serve youwisdom.  Eden Rose’s one liners were wonderful and full of sage advice. I loved them.


She befriends everyone and dispenses her brand of wisdom and help.  Emet has met someone he wants to date, Mercedes; he has a dilemma how does he tell her he is an ex-con.


Mercedes has her own problems, her mom left Mercedes and her brother Clay her house when she moved into assisted living.  Mercedes promised that Clay could always stay in the house.  Clay, is a good for nothing low life junkie that does not work nor does he want to work; dope is his life.


Mercedes is moving out and leaving Clay in the house, and Clay is livid.  Clay doesn’t want to lose his


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