You’ll Do Anything For Her By Hosier & Conger


A New Relationship Perspective

By Dr. Maureen E Hosier and Berta Hosier Conger

You'll Do Anything For Her
You’ll Do Anything For Her










Do you find yourself always being the peacemaker, the one who always bites your tongue, the one who does not stir the pot?  Have you questioned why you never receive the love you desire?  Do you give everything you have, receiving little in return?  If so, this book’s for you;  grab a copy of You’ll Do Anything For Her.

Dr. Hosier and Conger present a learn-able technique to relearn & retrain habits forged in childhood.  Few of us realize the extent our rearing influences our adult lives.  In You’ll do Anything For Her, Hosier and Conger explore and explain this learned behavior in detail.

With insight into learned behavior and using techniques Hosier and Conger describe, you can change your life for the better.  You can stop bottling up all the stress and negative feelings from not being your self and allow your self emotional freedom.  I have separated those two words, your and self, as the Doctors did in this book;  emphasizing the importance of you and not her.

Although geared from the man’s perspective, this book can easily be used by either.  I found the insight thought-provoking as I took a look at my life.  If we are honest with ourselves and willing to explore the possibilities, we can have much deeper emotional connections with our partner.

Doctor Hosier and Conger stress the process is not a quick fix;  it requires time, effect, and patience, as well as, professional help.  Delving into finding the correct professional, Hosier and Conger detail what you should look for in a professional therapist or psychiatrist.   As well as, the result could be the opposite of what you expected.  Each person in the relationship must be willing to accept and work with the other.


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