The Grand By Dennis D. Wilson




The Grand By Dennis Wilson
The Grand, Cover




Set in the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming, author Dennis D. Wilson’s novel, The Grand is a masterpiece of mystery, thrills, and suspense.  Widowed Chicago cop Dean Wister’s, in the Grand Teton Mountains to reminisce and visit the valley his deceased wife loved, finds himself in the middle of a battle ground.  Murder, sex, power, and greed, are in play in quite Jackson Hole. With a visiting presidential candidate caught in flagrante, a hit man found dead, a murdered real estate agent, Russians mobsters around every corner, and a deceased wife who is very real and in the flesh to Dean, he has his hands full.

Ranging from Wyoming, Chicago, and the highest place of government, Washington, D.C., Dean’s investigation has huge ramifications for the lowly and high in the political and criminal arena.  With


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