Discerning Spirits By Kellie McAllen


Angel Romance Series

Celestia Divisa Collection Book 1

Discerning Spirits by Kellie McAllen
Discerning Spirits, CoverThe Celestia Divisa Collection Book 1











Author Kellie McAllen’s new book, Discerning Spirits Book 1, filled with hope, goodness, and love, reveals a world unseen by humans.  Although living side by side, humans have no idea the Celestia Divisa exist.  The first book in the The Celestia Divisa Collection, the reader is introduced to the Celestia Divisa, half human, half angelThis series’ a collection of books which are clean paranormal angel romance books.

Seventeen years ago, born to two Celestia Divisa, Zephanian, aka, Zeph, should have been very special with special double gifts.  Few double Celestia Divisa have been born; his birth long-awaited by his mother and father’s the high light of their life.  With pride Chief of Police and expectant father Geoffery, awaits his coming.  Disappointments follows the naming ceremony; Zeph’s gift has not revealed itself.   Unheard of in the Celestia Divisa community, dismay follows.

Zeph’s a very ordinary teenager with pimples, on the cusp of sexual maturity, insecure, and having few friends.  Without a gift he is different from the rest of the Celestia Divisa’s.  Things beginning to change when he meets beautiful red-haired Eve.  Zeph suspects she is a Celestia Divisa. Will Eve and Zeph discover her identity?  Will Zeph ever come into his gift?  What does destiny have in store for these two young people in the first bliss of loveGrab your favorite beverage and have a seat, my young adult romance book reviews of Discerning Spirits follows.


First of all, I must say how much I enjoyed this bookMcAllen set the hook in the first pages as Zeph’s father was expounding on his pride of his coming double Celestia Diva child.  Author Kellie McAllen skillfully showed that angels have the same the traits as humans; misplaced pride being one of them.


Inevitable Goddess Of Fate By Tamara Hart Heiner



Book 1

Inevitable Goddess Of Fate by Tamara Hart Heiner
Inevitable Goddess Of Fate Cover




In Inevitable Goddess Of Fate, the reader finds Jayne Lockwood, a normal teenager except for one tiny little thing.  She can look into certain people’s eyes and see their death.  Try dealing with this gift or curse, as well as, the emotions and issues of growing up.  When Jayne smells lemons, she refuses to look into the person’s eyes because what she will see is usually horrifying.

Not even telling her best friend Dana, Jayne deals with the visions on her own.  When handsome English-born Aaron moves to town, he and Jayne feel an attraction, but Jayne smells lemons.  She refuses to look into his eyes, which intrigues Aaron.

Not only dealing with her gift and  the new boy in school, Jayne finds himself seeing a serial killer through his victims eyes.  Through a set of circumstances, the killer hones in on Jayne as he discovers she knows too much.  Grab a


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