Not My Idea By Bethany Swafford


Not My Idea
Not My Idea










In Not My Idea, set in 1814 Regency England, the reader finds Lucas Bywood returning home from touring of the continent. Receiving a note from his father stating he must return home, he rushes back to England.  He returns to find his father and their neighbor, Mr. Ramsey, had betrothed him as a child to his daughter, Phoebe.  This will not do; they fought and scrapped as children.  Lucas even received a broken arm during one of their fights.  Talking to Phoebe and her friend, Miss Darkin, Lucas found Phoebe’s in love with his best friend, Miles. Two fathers insisting they marry, and his best friend in love with Phoebe, what a mess.  This is not what he expected when he returned home.  Far from a relaxing visit with his family, he has a situation to resolve amicably for everyone.

His older brother, George, has married a woman Lucas can not stand.  Rosamund’s stuck up, rude, and obnoxious; he can’t understand why George married her.  Even more troubling, he finds his active mother bedridden from a riding accident which seems not an accident at all.  Come along with Swafford’s characters as they travel the tricky road of love.  My regency romance book review of Not My Idea follows.


Ah, Regency England, a fine time period for love.  Swafford created a sweet clean Regency romance in Not My Idea.  A strong, independent, handsome man, unwilling to let his father harass him into marriage, they butt heads.  He finds Phoebe has changed during his absence into a beautiful young woman who he still considers silly.  Then Swafford added in the fact Phoebe did not want to marry him anymore than he wanted to marry her.  She has her sights set on Miles.  By the way, you have Phoebe’s lovely friend, Miss Darkin, thrown into the mix.  What a tangled web.  So, how will it all shake out?  Will Lucas and Phoebe succumb to their fathers wishes or will they hold fast to their decision?  What a mess their fathers created.


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