Secret Father By Suz deMello




Secret Father B Suz deMello
Secret Father, COVER




Sweet romance oozes from the pages of Secret Father.  Written by award-winning author Suz deMello, the reader will find a clean romance filled with emotion and character driven.  Linda Travers has loved Dave Madsen since she was fourteen.  Seventeen year old Dave, rescued Linda from a deadly snow storm and won her immediate love.  However, the course of true love did not run smooth, as Dave left town never knowing of shy Linda’s feelings.  Meeting again at college, and after one night of love, Dave’s gone again;  this time to the Amazon jungles.   Unfortunately, he left a little something behind this time.  Nine months later, none the wiser, Dave is a father.

After a career changing injury, Dave’s back in town to recuperate and receive physical therapy, leaving Linda, his newly appointed physical therapist, no option except tell Dave about his son.  A son who looks exactly like Dave does not go unnoticed in the small gossipy town of Renegade Ridge, California.


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