Some Other Time By Charlotte Symonds



Some Other Time By Charlotte Symonds
Some Other Time, Cover, author Charlotte Symonds









In Some Other Time by Charlotte Symonds, the reader meets 3 ordinary people. People, who through a common event, find their lives changed forever.  Madison single mother, left as an empty nester when her daughter goes to college, receives a letter when opened will tear her world apart.  Asher, newly divorced, has decided to change his life and find fulfillment and love which have been missing from life for years.  Will his plan come to fruition?  Bryant has life by the tail; a beautiful lover he loves, he’s loved in return, a best friend who’s also his partner, and a successful career.  Then fate turns the tables on him and changes his wonderful life.

What do all 3 have in common and how does it relate?  As each tell their story, secrets and events are revealed.  Grab a seat and a beverage, my contemporary fiction novel review of Some Other Time follows.



First, let me say, if you have not read Charlotte Symonds books, you are missing a tremendous treat.  Each one’s filled with drama and deep human emotion.  Some Other Time’s no different!  Grab the tissue box as you begin this wonderfully crafted contemporary fiction. Few authors grab me and almost wrench my heart from my chest, as Ms. Symonds does; with a box of tissues and a pot of tea, I always read her books straight through.

That said, I must say, what a heart breaking emotional story-lines revealed as each character tells their story;  this is an


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