A Harvest Passion By Emily Murdoch


A Regency Romance

A Harvest Passion
A Harvest Passion










A Harvest Of Passion, by author Emily Murdoch takes place in the small town of Sandercombe, England; where love is trying, without a lot of cooperation, to bloom between our hero and heroine.  Leo Tyndale’s, back in England after a 5 yr absence in India, the newly appointed school teacher.  English society’s far different from India.  Leo longs for the ease of Indian society. Noisy and gossipy, the small town of Sandercome is rife with discontent.

Meeting Miss Hestia Royce on his first Sunday in church, Leo’s unprepared for his welcome.  Leaving town to marry, Hestia returned, as his students stated, not. Gossip and censor run rampant in small town Sandercombe.  Hestia’s exiled to a lonely  existence.

Leo and Hestia embark on a journey filled with misconceptions, misunderstandings, and mind-blowing attraction.  Will Hestia ever open her heart to Leo?  Can she show Leo the source of the scandal which surrounds her?  My reviews for romance novel, A Harvest Passion, follows.



Wish I Might by Kait Nolan




Wish I Might by Kait Nolan, Cover
Wish I Might, Cover



Welcome back to Wishful, Mississippi in Kait Nolan’s romance novel, Wish I Might.  Wishful, where everyone knows all the latest gossip and everything about the residents.  Wishful, where everyone’s considered family or friend;  typical small town USA.

Cecily Dixon, graphic designer extraordinaire, followed her boss, Norah to Wishful.  Cecily loves Wishful and the small town atmosphere of gossip, warmth and caring.  A day at the diner can be better than an episode of Days of Our Lives.  However, Cecily is keeping a secrets.  Secrets which impacts every area of her life.

Reed Campbell, owner of the local bookstore, had one chance with Cecily last summer.  A chance he bungled. What did he do wrong?   Reed hands are full fending off his latest employee and keeping the bookstore from stagnating.  His vision for the bookstore as a community hub has not materialized.  However, Reed has a plan to bring Cecily back into his sphere, solve his cougar problem, and revitalize his bookstore.  Now he just has to get Cecily on board.


Jilted By Varina Denman


Jilted, Cover





Book 3 of Mended Hearts Series

Jilted is the third book in the Mended Hearts Series by Author Varina Denman.  Prepare yourself for a soul wrenching finale, an in-depth look under the facade of small town U.S.A., and a look into depression and its aftermath.




Jilted is Lynda Turner’s story.  She has spent her adult life in depression and deep dark mental depression.  Nothing ever seemed to last for her.  As a result, Lynda always sees her glass half empty rather than half full with a crack down the side of the glass. 

In addition, her parents are dead and her beloved high school sweetheart jilted her.  Her husband ran off leaving her in a dark depression without a way out, her married high school sweetheart chased her for years telling lies about her, and her church in Trapp ask her to leave the congregation.

Through all this her daughter has found the love of her life, Dodd.  Simultaneously, Lynda has fought depression, prejudice, gossip, narrow-mindedness, and evil intent.  Into all this turmoil comes Clyde Fenton, ex-con, falsely accused of rape and imprisoned for 20 years. 

With Gods mercy and grace Clyde has faced his own demons and revelations;  his story’s detailed in the previous books in this series.   Finally, Clyde has set his sights on a forever love and he’s determined to show Lynda the man he “can be“;  if she will accept him with all his faults and issues, as he accepts hers.


Just For This Moment (Wishful Romance Book 4) By Kait Nolan

just for this moment resized



“Welcome To Wishful, Where Hope Springs Eternal”

The Local Newspaper Owner Left in a Quarry

A Trust Fund With Stipulations

Love And Romance In The Deep South




In Just For This Moment, Ms. Nolan has penned a delightful story of small town USA in the deep South.  Myles Stewart, newspaper owner of the Wishful Observer and single man about town, thought he had life by the tail until his investment partner wants out within 45 days.  He has a trust fund tied to marriage, and an attraction to his


His Blushing Bride by Dani Collins

Book Review

Piper Tierney is a music teacher in the small town of Marietta; she has a few issues.   Although she is a beauty, she has a birth mark on her face that has always made her feel inferior and insecure due to the cruelty she endured during childhood.


Then her world is turned up side down when Sebastian Bloom moved into her parents home for his sister wedding while her parents are traveling abroad.

The sparks fly between Piper and Bastian, as he prefers.  He is very worldly, rich and very attracted to Piper.  Piper is a  24 yr old repressed small town virgin that never dated until college and very little then.


She is the girl that’s always ready to help with the latest school project; filling her life with busy.  The sexual tension and love scenes in this book are very intense.  Bastian must


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