The Leftover By Brooke Williams


The Leftover
The Leftover










Megan Malone’s a quite homebody.  She never did well with people, preferring to stay in her house, work at her home business, and let the world go by.  Her sister, Molly, persuades Megan to take her place on the new local reality television show, The Leftover.  A show similar to Survivor, Megan knows she has no skills to offer.

Cane’s the medic for the show.  Once a contestant on Accept This Dandelion, he’s trying to heal a broken heart.  He thought they had fallen in love, however, in the last episode, his wonderful world collapsed as his love ran off with the producer/host of the show.  He hopes time from his job, new surrounding, and people, help heal his hurting heart.

Megan, sweet, quite, shy, and a loner, meets her crush from Accept This Dandelion;  while Cane finds a shy young women who will not meet his eyes.  With all the different personalities, will Cane find his heart healing?  Will Megan find a way to come out of her shell and take part?  Let the fun begin as the contestants vie for position of the last person left standing.  My romance book reviews of The Leftover by Brooke Williams follows.


Author Brooke Williams, created an entertaining book in The Leftover.  Having read other books with this story-line, I thought I would not care to read another book with the same old theme.  However, I’m thrilled to say, I loved this book.  Including a variety of personalities, scheming in the background, back stabbing galore, conniving, some good people, some really obnoxious,  arrogant selfish ones, and then to round out the contestants, sweet shy Megan.  Developing each of her characters to their full potential, I found myself hating Andrew;  he’s arrogant, egotistical, and a bully.  What a character Brooke Williams crafted in Andrew.  I wanted to “tell him off” during most of the book.  Other characters you will love;  as each proves they are good people and better friends.


His Brother’s Bride By George H. McVey


Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Book 2

His Brother's Bride
His Brother’s Bride










In His Brother’s Bride by George H. McVey, the reader finds Greg, Glen, and Lyla’s story.  Lyla, with no prospects of marriage in Philadelphia, answers Glen Williams letter for a mail order bride.  As you know from Book 1, The Pastor’s Replacement Bride, the Ladies Aid Society of the church had Pastor Bryce write back east for good Christian women who would like to correspond with upstanding men in Sanctuary, Montana Territory; with matrimony in mind.

Lyla answers Glen’s letter; monies are sent to pay her way west, and off she goes on what she thought would be an adventure.  Lyla thought everything would be wonderful, a fine adventure ending in marriage and love for her and Glen.  Lyla’s outgoing, talkative, and adventurous.  Glen’s beyond shy; cold, rude and closed off, he’s unable to talk comfortably to people, especially women; he would rather be on the farm plowing or with the animals and plants.

When his twin brother, Greg, absent for four years, shows up as the stage comes in, his mother knows there’s going to be trouble.  These two have always tried to out do each other.  Greg’s tired of the cowboy life, he’s ready to start his own ranch, and maybe start a family.  He’s immediately smitten with Lyla when she comes off the stage.  Glen, plowing at the farm, didn’t even bother to come meet the stage to Lyla’s horror.  Taking to her to supper, at his mother insistence, he’s uncommunicative and rude.


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