Shifter’s University by K. R. Thompson


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Claire Pratten is not a typical teenager.  She has a secret she has kept and revealed to no one.  When Claire’s frightened, she becomes something other than human teenager Claire.  Her foster home has become a nightmare of abuse, and it’s becoming harder to hide her other self.

Logan Fairmont, a dragon shifter, searches Roanoke and Salem for other shifters who are on the verge of revealing their nature to humans. Finding Claire, he knows she needs the help of Imperium University;  where she can learn to control her other self.   However, it’s not as simple as it seems because Claire is more than just another shifter.  My paranormal book reviews of Shifter’s University follows.


K. R. Thompson‘s shifter world is original and unique.  A university where shifters attend classes next to unsuspecting humans as they learn to control their other self.  It’s also a  place of werewolves, eves, witches, dragons, and a multitude of other magical shifters.  Thompson filled this story with magic, greed, hatred, prejudice, and attractionShifters share the same ugly traits as humans, with one exception, the humans in Shifter’s University want the shifters dead. Known as the Dark Watch, they are willing to kill to achieve their goals.


Bad Moon Rising by Mina Carter


Bad Moon Rising


New York Times & USA Today Best Selling Author

A Hunky Werelion!

A Thief That’s Not What She Seems!

Sexual Attraction!

The Pages Steam!



Story Line:

Wow!  This novella is action packed with shifters, demons, werelocks, betrayal, and a hunky purring feline shifter that gets our heroine’s motor running.  Ms. Carter’s heroine, Beth, has run since she was 11 years old when her Warlock father tried to kill her.


Springing a tail for a Warlock just is not done.  After all, Warlocks are a snobby group.  That tail revealed a


Power Shift by Calinda B

Paranormal Romance Book Review


power shift










Charming Alaska is not your normal town. Charming has shifters, vampires, and humans.  Charming is shifter paradise.  This is a fun story.  I thought when I started the book I would not like it;  after the first couple of pages I was hooked.  This town is full of quaint, quirky, sexy, annoying, funny characters.  From the dumb blonde human to the leg humping dog shifter.

Chia Petit is the town manager.  It’s her job to keep the peace between everyone and enforce her town ordinances, of which there are many.  Chia has a thing for Hung Durand, (Hung according to Chia being the operative word) a bounty hunter that doesn’t follow her rules.  The sexual tension between these two burns up the pages.  This not your ordinary shifter story, far from


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