Billionaire Publisher: Secretary (Alpha Billionaire Romance Series Book One) Sofia Madrigal

Billionaire Publisher



The Handsome Rich CEO

And His New Secretary

Let The Fun Begin!



Sebastian Reed has been appointed CEO of Reed Publishing by his father.  He is handsome, rich, well-known, has an active social life, and many women in his life.  However he has a problem; his father’s long time secretary, Marie, is retiring.  Sebastian must find and hire a new secretary to facilitate his running


Bad Moon Rising by Mina Carter


Bad Moon Rising


New York Times & USA Today Best Selling Author

A Hunky Werelion!

A Thief That’s Not What She Seems!

Sexual Attraction!

The Pages Steam!



Story Line:

Wow!  This novella is action packed with shifters, demons, werelocks, betrayal, and a hunky purring feline shifter that gets our heroine’s motor running.  Ms. Carter’s heroine, Beth, has run since she was 11 years old when her Warlock father tried to kill her.


Springing a tail for a Warlock just is not done.  After all, Warlocks are a snobby group.  That tail revealed a


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