The Refuge by Heidi Martin


Finalist in the 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards

The Refuge
The Refuge










In The Refuge, the reader finds Anne Waters, whose life imploded after the death of her unborn daughter, Claire.  As a result, becoming more and more introverted, closing off from emotion, hiding her feelings and true thoughts from everyone, Anne, finds herself divorced and without a job. 

Anne dreams vividly of an old oak tree, which starts a journey of discovery and renewal for her.  Anne researches and finds South Carolina has such trees.  Upon arrival Anne’s amazed to find the very tree with the very same bird cages hanging from the limbs.  She knows she has found the place she’s destined to stay.

Meeting Clark, Anne finds a true friend who has had his own share of a troubles and grief.  He recognizes another soul who’s lost, grieving, and alone.  As a result, Clark helps Anne finds her own spirituality again.  Along with Clark, Anne finds others along her journey of enlightenment including Lucita, an adorable girl, whose mother is dying and father’s hiding in alcohol.   Her refuge is not without problems, from jealousy to death.

Come along with Anne as she finds her the place her soul’s meant to be.  My romance book review of The Refuge follows.


The Refuge, an intense journey of self-discovery and new love,  grabbed my attention immediately.  Heidi Martin created a story-line which explores the human condition.  Without favoring any one religion, Martin, in-cooperates the essence of self-awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness; first we must learn to forgive ourselves before we can forgive others.


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