Love’s Cure By Emily Murdoch


First Street Church Romances: Love’s Cure

Love's Cure
Love’s Cure










Love’s Cure is the fourth book in the Sweet Grove Beginnings series.  Featuring Doctor Gerald Anderson and Mariana Bryant, Emily Murdoch enlarges the town with a doctor and explores Mariana’s blindness.  Geralds run from or driven out of every town he set up practice since losing a patient in a terrible mill accident.  Sweet Grove could be the place of solitude, peace, and new beginnings he needs.

Mariana Bryant blinded by an incompetent doctor at the age of four has no love for doctors.  Upon meeting Doctor Gerald Anderson, her opinion does not change.  Determined to ignore him, she gives him the cold shoulder.  However, God has other plans for these two as they struggle with secrets and inadequacy.  My romance book reviews of Love’s Cure follows.


Sweet Grove, Texas, a small community populated by Bryants, features in each story in this series .  However, adding a doctor, to the population is the beginning of growth.  Each of the Bryant’s are building a life in Sweet Grove. The brother’s stories are in earlier books in this series, and each is a standalone read.  However, to increase your enjoyment, I would suggest reading the entire series.

Mariana, twin to Pastor Thomas Bryant, craves independence, as well as, wishing everyone would not hover over her.  She is fiercely independent, strong, and her ability to move in her surrounding impressive.  With her hatred and slanted view of doctors, Gerald Anderson has a long road ahead to change her mind.  Two souls destined to come together, they have faith in God.  However, they can not understand the workings of God in their individual situations;  they have suffered much in life.  Mariana wants a family but sees no way that will happen.  Gerald wants only peace in Sweet Grove until he sees Mariana and realizes he wants it all;   Mariana, a family, and his practice.


Something Of A Spark By Monique McDonell


A Jewel Sisters Romance Kindle Edition










In Something Of A Spark, Sapphire Smith’s a working girl.  She works three jobs and lives a modest lifestyle.  However, Saffy has a huge secret.  One of the 4 Jewel Sisters of Caudal Bay, Sapphire/Saffy is a millionaire songwriter.  Her family thinks she’s a PA for Nashville recording Artist Ryan Storm, but she also writes all his songs;  yes, this is a huge secret.   Home for a visit Saffy’s world is about to turn on a dime.  When she wrecks her car avoiding a young child, handsome, hot Fireman Campbell’s on the scene. Cam, a former attorney, loves Caudal Bay’s small-town feel, the people’s values, and above all, he values honesty.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

As Saffy and Cam’s relationship grows, Saffy realizes she has a problem.  Will Saffy’s lies stop this romance in its tracks and endanger her relationships with her family?  My romance book review of A Spark of Something follows.


Monique McDonell‘s A Spark Of Something is an intense romance filled with secrets, indecision, and insecurity, as well as, humor.  Sapphire, aka Saffy, Smith’s family is zany, wacky, close-knit, and loving.  One of the Jewell Sisters, all named for gems, Saffy has an over-protective mother, three sisters differing in personalities, and a steadfast father.  McDonell filled this lovely story with powerful family dynamics.

Secrets will not stay secret forever as Saffy finds in Something Of A Spark.  They have a way of biting you in the behind.  Ryan, a Nashville country singing artist, is Saffy’s most faithful and best friend.  He tried to persuade her to reveal to her family their association.  However, Saffy’s insecurities overcame common sense.


At The Stroke Of Midnight By Kate Palmer


(A Fairly Western Tale Book 1)

At The Stroke Of Midnight
At The Stroke Of Midnight, Cover


“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.



At The Stroke of Midnight, by author Kate Palmer‘s a sweet clean romance with a happy ever after ending and a fairy tale quality.

Ella Fairfax father’s will stipulated she must complete her master’s degree before her 25th birthday or lose her inheritance of Diamond Hallow Ranch.  Ella Fairfax is running out time.  Step-mother Lucinda seems to always place stumbling blocks in front of Ella’s college degree.  Also, Lucinda has leased Diamond Hallow with an option to buy to the Woodland Homes Foundation and head COO Jonas Stone Duke, Jr.

Ella always believes the best of everyone;  including scheming Lucinda.  Head of the Woodland Homes Foundation, Jonas, seeking refuge from his notoriety has taken resident at Diamond Hallow.  He and Ella have a bang-up beginning, neither telling the other who they are.  Ella must keep her presence secret from step-mother Lucinda to finish her degree without interference;  Stone is seeking relief from his notoriety


To Know Her Calling By Heather Earles


To Know Her Calling
To Know Her Calling










In To Know Her Calling, Louise meets a masked stranger at the skating rink.  Many skaters are wearing beautiful scarfs, which two beautiful employees helped her put on;  explaining she could buy the scarf or turn it in at the end of her night.  Having fun, trying to skate after years, and of course falling, a masked stranger comes to her rescue; giving her pointers and the scarf to keep.  Raul, the masked man, could not keep his eyes off the beautiful woman he helped on the skating floor.  The attraction’s mutual.  She ask him to come dancing with her and her brothers the next night.  Things are moving fast;  is romance within God’s will for Louise and Raul?

Louise, a woman of faith and prayer, works hard, living a normal American life; family, church, friends, and teaching dance.  Raul’s a mystery covered by a scarf;  which she eventually persuades him to remove.  She sees a handsome foreigner with a scar running down his face. What is it about this man that attracts her so?  He owns the skating rink, but what’s his story?  Spending more and more time together the attraction grows into much more.  Raul has secrets; secrets, which when revealed, may cause Louise to run the other way.  My Christian romance book reviews follows.


To Know Her Calling is filled with emotion, faith, family dynamics, and secrets. The faith Raul and Louise have is awe-inspiring as each are Christians and faithful to God’s commands.  A clean sweet romance, Earles crafted a wonderful romance which will keep you reading to the last page.  Filled with family dynamics and obligations, she shows two close-knit faith based families who worship God and pray for guidance daily.


Wish I Might by Kait Nolan




Wish I Might by Kait Nolan, Cover
Wish I Might, Cover



Welcome back to Wishful, Mississippi in Kait Nolan’s romance novel, Wish I Might.  Wishful, where everyone knows all the latest gossip and everything about the residents.  Wishful, where everyone’s considered family or friend;  typical small town USA.

Cecily Dixon, graphic designer extraordinaire, followed her boss, Norah to Wishful.  Cecily loves Wishful and the small town atmosphere of gossip, warmth and caring.  A day at the diner can be better than an episode of Days of Our Lives.  However, Cecily is keeping a secrets.  Secrets which impacts every area of her life.

Reed Campbell, owner of the local bookstore, had one chance with Cecily last summer.  A chance he bungled. What did he do wrong?   Reed hands are full fending off his latest employee and keeping the bookstore from stagnating.  His vision for the bookstore as a community hub has not materialized.  However, Reed has a plan to bring Cecily back into his sphere, solve his cougar problem, and revitalize his bookstore.  Now he just has to get Cecily on board.


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