Citizen Kill By Stephen Clark


Citizen Kill
Citizen Kill










In Citizen Kill we find  America in the continuing battle against terrorism.  Since 9-11, America has faced terrorism with small in-roads into their organizations.  A new black ops unit, formed after the newly elected President’s son’s killed in a terrorist bombing, engages eliminators/assassins.  Justin Raines, a black ops agent for the CIA, assigned the task of eliminating American citizens who radicalize Muslims, accepts the task.

After the diabolical of his last assignment, this will place him back in the good graces of the government and into a new position in the CIA.  Assigned to kill the principle and founder of a Muslin school, Raines becomes close to Zahra.  He saw the reality and injustice of this program as he came to know her.  His disillusionment grows.  Now he must find a way to prove her innocence and stop this assassination program.  These are American citizens; innocence until proven guilty.  What follows is an amazing fast paced story, my book review of Citizen Kill follows.


In Citizen Kill, author Stephen Clark created a fast paced novel filled with betrayal, terrorism, injustice, and prominent government officials gone amuck.  Of course, for those of us who like a little romance, Clark also included a love interest for Raines.   This book will make you stop and think;  could this really happen in America?  You bet it could, all it takes is a group of government fanatics and the stage is set for a government that kills its citizens under the misplaced guise of eliminating terrorism.


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