Driving Miss Crazy By D. J. Van Oss


Driving Miss Crazy, cover










Romance novel, Driving Miss Crazy, is a fun-filled romp of laughter, fun, missteps, and love.  Widower, Adrian Adams, is raising his seven-year old daughter, Charlie.  To say he is protective of Charlie is at the very least an under statement.  His goal in life is providing Charlie with a stable home and safety.  Adrian’s employment, as a diplomatic driver, works well for him and Charlie.  Suddenly, he must find a new job.  As a result, he secures a placement at the Irish Embassy driving Miss Maggie McNally, the Ambassadors granddaughter.  Consequently, his life changes from placid and boring to rip-roaring.

Maggie McNally has spent her life trying to fit into her political families life of international diplomacy.  She can’t seem to find her niche.  Disaster follows Maggie through life and employment with the diplomatic division; and then you have the squirrels she attracts.  Is Maggie talking to the squirrels or what!  Can


Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 By Various Authors




Sweet Christmas Kisses 3
Sweet Christmas Kisses 3








Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 has 17 sweet romantic stories perfect for any time of the year;  written by talented authors with the ability to enmesh the reader into the story-line.  I had the privilege of reviewing four of these sweet clean romances.  My romance novel review of those 4 selections follows below.



SWEET CHRISTMAS KISSES 3 On Christmas Eve By Mona Risk: 

Author Mona Risk crafted a tender story of mistakes and second chances as we follow Tiffany Ramsay, medical resident, and Dr. Matthew Alonso.  Fate has thrown them together for another chance


The Forgiving Bride By Emma Kingsly



The Forgiving Bride, cover


The Forgiving Bride by author Emma Kingsly is a short sweet romance novella.  Ms. Kingsly’s heroine and mail order bride, Sarah Woods, is a young widow running for her life and what she hopes is security and safety.  Simon Stone hopes to find a companion, peace, and a helpmate.  Can you run from your past or will the past follow?  Can forgiveness come to these two or will they botch this second chance for happiness?



After the death of her no good husband, Sarah Wood is alone in the world with a small child, Ally.  When visited by his low down criminal cohort, Sarah must decide the course of her life.  As a result of his threats, she answers the advert placed by Simon Stone for a mail order bride.  Although, Sarah is a Godly woman, she has insecurities which will follow her to Wyoming.

Meanwhile, Simon Stone decides it is time to go on with life and find a wife.  Simon has secrets from his


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