Married To A Marquess By Joyce Alec


Hearts and Ever Afters

Married To A Marquess
Married To A Marquess










Miss Alice Henstridge bowed to her parent’s demands and married a man she had never met.  Shy and insecure, she could do no other than following their dictates.  Married to William Marquess of Worthington, Alice is left alone as soon as the ceremony’s over.  Installing Alice in his country estate, she spent three long years in isolation; never seeing her husband.

Tired of standing in the shadows, she devises a plan to bring down William.  She will go to London during the season, dance and be merry, then ultimately reveal the depravity and wickedness of her husband to all.  Assuming an alias, she knows her husband will not recognize her by sight.  They had never met before the wedding, and he never raised her veil to look at her face.

However, fate has other plans for Alice and William.  Her plan will have results she never expected.  Come along with Alice and William as they travel the rocky road of romance.  My romance book reviews of Married To A Marquess follows.


Joyce Alec created a charming story of abandonment and planned revenge, filling it with vivid descriptions, heartache, romance.  I loved watching Alice grow from insecure and sad to a woman of worth and strength.  Joyce Alec created an intriguing tale of a woman bent on revenge and retribution and a man who is not what he seems.

William’s character shows the world a face of gaiety and fun; almost as if he had never faced the situation he found his life.  Alec created a façade of a man carefree and fancy-free;  attending balls, dancing the night away, and flirting with the women of the Ton.  Is there more to William than meets the eye?  Alice’s plan seems to have the opposite effect she intended as she and William throw words and dance around each other.


Handsome Widower’s Second Chance by Elliee Atkinson


Family of Love Series (A Western Romance Story)

Handsome Widower’s Second Chance
Handsome Widower’s Second Chance










Holly Anne and Adam Collins have the perfect marriage in Handsome Widower’s Second Chance.  That is, until Holly suddenly dies; Adam’s left with a broken heart and two children to raise.  However not only is Adam grieving, but his in-laws, Holly’s brother Nathan, and sister Alice, are deeply grieving.  However, Nathan’s grief takes a sad twisted turn as he blames Adam.  His grief causes him to do unspeakable things in revenge.  Alice, determined to protect the children and help Adam, aligns with him against her brother.

When Nathan kidnaps Alice and the children, she will do anything to save them.  Will Adam find Alice and the children in time?  Will Nathan’s insane grief led him on a path he can not return from?  Can love bloom between Alice and Adam?  My western romance book reviews of Handsome Widower’s Second Chance follows.


Although the feelings between Adam and Alice seem to happen quickly, the reader must realize in the pioneer west, short of women to help with the chores and the household, were scarce. This alone facilitated quick marriages. I loved the slow way Adam and Alice realized their attraction.  Of course, Adam is reluctant as Alice looks so much like Holly; he is still grieving her


Written In Blood by Nathan Bush



Written In Blood By Nathan Bush, Cover
Written In Blood, Cover









Horrendous Crimes…

Two Detectives Determined To Solve Them…

And the Stalker/Murderer Determined To Destroy One Of Them!

“Life is like a vapor, here for just a little while then it’s gone”




Author Nathan Bush created an intensely driven and emotional story in his mystery crime novel, Written In Blood.  Ken Collin’s rookie probationary period has ended.  Now a full pledged Detective with the Foley PD and still partnered with seasoned Detective John Filcher, he should have life by the tail.  However, fate will step in and change everything for Ken.   His father’s cancer has returned with a vengeance and Ken seems to be developing some issues of his own, mentally and physically.  Also, Ken has acquired a stalker bent on revenge.  Eddie, evil personified, determined to destroy Ken and all he holds dear, blames Ken for all the wrongs in his life.  Eddie, locked away for many years, sees Ken as the reason for all his problems.  Upon release, Eddie seeks revenge.

Can John, a Godly man, presents the Lord’s plan to Ken and bring him peace and salvation?  Can he help Ken with his black outs, persist mental issues, and his father’s illness?  Will Eddie succeed in his quest for vengeance and destroy Ken?  Will John and Ken solve the latest murders?  Finally, will they stop Eddie before it is too late?


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