Love Touched Hearts By Richmond, Thorne, Keats, Healey, Austen


A Regency Romance Valentine’s Day Collection

Regency Romance Collections Book 2

Love Touched Hearts
Love Touched Hearts









Love Touched Hearts, a 5 books/novellas collection from various authors; I chose to review the contribution by Isabella Thorne.



In Love Touched Hearts containing Valentine’s Duel by author Isabella Thorne, the reader finds Miss Mary Highland and her family.  Mary’s tanned skin color and dark hair, far different from her sisters fair skin and blonde hair, sets her apart.  Mary’s in love with her brother’s best friend, Captain Vincent Darten.  Just back from the war, he cut a large swathe through society.  Never mind the fact he’s engaged to another, Mary’s heart belongs to Darten.

Helen, her bluestocking sister, dropped a valentine, which Mary picked up and threw in a drawer long with the accompanying note/poem containing strange numbers.  Why would Helen receive this strange lace valentine? Then of all things, Darten kissed Mary.  Still on a high from his kiss, her father tells Mary, she’s to wed the Baron of Millersmit.  What did it all mean?  How could she marry another when she loved Darten?  What was Helen hiding?  A lot’s happening in this household.  My romance review of Love Touched Hearts, Valentine Duel follows.



In Love Touched Heart, Valentine Duel, Thorne crafted a Regency romance with many threads.  Bringing all the threads together to a successful conclusion, the reader closes the book satisfied.  Presenting Helen as the bluestocking of the family, Thorne


Love One Summer In Bath By Richmond,Blackwood,Thorne,and others


A Regency Romance Summer Collection From:


Love One Summer In Bath
Love One Summer In Bath









This is a collection of Regency romances titled Love One Summer In Bath.  I chose to review Isabella Thorne and Gemma Blackwood contributions.



In Love One Summer In Bath containing story, Hope For Charity, the reader’s treated to a short regency romance story set in Bath.  Lady Charity Abernathy’s looking for a husband.  However, Charity wants to marry for love and not social position.  Naive and young, she believes all the gossip she hears. Lord Wentwell, object of the latest gossip, reputation is one of a rake and rogue.  Upon meeting, Lord Wentwell, Neville Collington, Charity gives him the cold shoulder.  However fate has a different course in store for Charity.  Lord Wentwell’s reputation is not what it seems.  Come along with Charity as she discovers all gossip’s not true and love could be waiting in the wings.  My romance book review of Hope For Charity follows.


I found Hope For Charity a sweet clean romance.  Although Charity’s character is a naïve young woman, she knows she wants to marry for loveSocial position mean little to her.  She has a caring heart which differs from most of the ton.  Neville’s allowed his reputation to flourish which will cause him a great deal of problems with Charity.  Furthermore, including the Neville’s brother, added an extra ingredient to the story;  as a result, allowing Charity to see a side of Neville the gossips did not.  We know today, the brother was a victim of PTSD.  Charity comes to see the true Neville rather than his soiled reputation.


A Governess For The Brooding Duke By Bridget Barton



A Historical Regency Romance Book

A Governess For The Brooding Duke
A Governess For The Brooding Duke











In A Governess For The Brooding Duke by author Bridget Barton, we find gently born and raised Georgette Darrington.  Georgette’s world has turned up side down on the death of her father, a man who never cared for her.  Left with nothing, not even a roof over her head and with no marriage prospects due to her penniless state, she must find employment immediately.  Applying for a Governess position, Georgette finds herself in the employment of the Duke of Draycott, Hamilton Whitehall.  Nothings as it seems at first glance;  for the two small twins girls are mistreated and bullied by the nursemaid, mistreated by housekeeper, and ignored by their Uncle.  Sad and lonely, they latch onto Georgette.

Spending her days with the small girls, Georgette comes to love them dearly and knows she must find a way to show the Duke the error of his ways.  He must take control of his household, and care for these two precious children.  As refined, once wealthy, Georgette, struggles to find a place for herself as a lowly governess, contend with the spiteful scheming of the nurse and housekeeper; she learns the tragic love story of the children’s parents and the Duke’s part in the drama.

Can Georgette bring this family back together?  Will the Duke realize what he is missing with his nieces?  Does love


Silk and Scars by Cassandra Dean

Book Review

This story begins in London and Devon in 1845. Gwen is employed by Lord Beecham in the London law Silk and Scars by Cassandra Deanfirm that handles legal matter for the Edward, Duke of Sowrith. She mistakenly mixes a personal letter in with correspondence to Edward.


Thus begins the writing friendship of Gwen and Edward. The letters flow back and forth for over a year.  In these letters each show their fears.  Edward reveals he is physically scarred and for this reason he rarely leaves Devon , where is he accepted. Gwen reveals her fear for the health and well- being of her parents and how she longs for home.


Author Cassandra Deans descriptions were so vivid I could easily see the scene described; whether it was the tors and moors described by Edward or setting the scene of reading Gwen’s and Edward’s letters.


Edward demands Lord Beecham and his scribe Gwen come to Devon immediately, after Gwen wrote of an incident occurring at the firm. Edward and Gwen would finally


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