The Foodsaver Sous-Vide Cookbook By Isabelle Dauphin



The Foodsaver Sous-Vide Cookbook By Isabelle Dauphin
The Foodsaver Sous-Vide Cookbook By Isabelle Dauphin


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Contents of The Foodsaver Sous-Vide Cookbook

In The Foodsaver Sous-Vide Cookbook, Isabelle Dauphin, creates an informative book of cooking with the Foodsaver and Sous-Vide system.

As well as explaining why you need the Foodsaver Sous-Vide in your kitchen, she includes many tips for the home cook. Dauphin unlocks the potential of your Foodsaver and provides pro-tips for professional results. Dauphin’s industry tested tips are geared towards making your life easier using her system.

Emphasizing this cookbook is the only Foodsaver Sous-Vide Cookbook you will need, she then proceeds to tell you what Sous Vide means. I will clarify, Sous vide is French for “under vacuum”. This system is


How To Make DIY Hairspray with lemons or oranges



As I promised:

following is my do it yourself (DIY) hairspray.  No, it’s not commercial hairspray that is full of bad stuff for your hair and it wont hold a Mack truck in place.  It is an alternative spray. I love it.  I use the lemons in my recipe as I have grey hair, if you have dark hair use oranges. There are many recipes on the internet for DIY hairspray. I found this one on This site has many wonderful recipes you can make and I have found their recipes are reliable and their information is accurate.

Recipe for Hairspray from

You will need:

1 orange for dark hair or lemon for light hair(organic if possible)

2 cups distilled or filtered water

2-3 tablespoons of high-proof vodka or a clear gain alcohol(the first time I went to the ABC Store I almost crawled in and out of the store, I had never been in an ABC Store. I felt as if everyone in my community was watching me)  🙂 🙂

6-8 drops of lavender essential oil(100% essential not fragrance oils) I do use the any oils in my spray as I have multiple chemical sensitivity and any highly scented product will induce an asthma attack. THIS IS OPTIONAL



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