Slow Burn In The Wilderness By Renee Hart


Alaska Adventure Romance (Volume 7)

Slow Burn In The Wilderness
Slow Burn In The Wilderness










Alaska’s on fire in Slow Burn In The Wilderness.  Trevor, a smoke jumper from Boise, arrives as the rookie in camp where he finds Jo the crew chief’s not a man, but definitely a female.  A female who affects him as one never has.  However, Trevor has secrets.  He left Boise under a cloud he does not want to talk about.

Josie, has never had a fellow crew member affect her as Trevor.  Her heart beats faster when he’s around.  But they have a job to do, one that’s dangerous and deadly.  Josie’s worried about the fire, bears, her twin brother who’s on the team, and her smoke jumper father who taught her all she knows;  she tried to ignore the fact he’s older and slower working the fires.  She has her hands full with just the fires.  She doesn’t need a romantic interest to gum up the works even more.  Also, Josie’s unsettled about this new comer, can he fit in with this top-notch crew of fire fighting smoke jumpers?  What is Trevor hiding?  So much more’s happening in this book than fighting fires; relationships, family dynamics, and secrets.  My romance book review of Slow Burn In The Wilderness follows.


A sweet romance set in Alaska, Slow Burn In The Wilderness describes the danger smoke jumpers face everyday as these tight-knit men and women work to contain deadly fires.  A serious job in which attention can not waver. One mistake or miscalculation can cost life’s.

I loved the way Hart danced Trevor and Jo around each other; each denying the attraction they felt from their first meeting.  Hart


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