Grim Angel By Dominika Waclawiak


Grim Angel
Grim Angel, Cover



Grim Angel is an intense psychological suspense thriller by author Dominika Waclawiak.  Something strange is happening in the Sunshine Assisted Living Facility in the old, famous, and haunted Bockerman Hotel.  Once a prominent hang out for the stars and famous of its day, now has hit on hard times as a senior facility.  People are dying at an alarming rate.  Resident Barney Leonard does not believe his beloved Barbara died from natural causes.  Calling in the police and ghost hunters who bring along psychic, Sara Caine, everyone will get more than they ever thought possible.  For a serial killing monster’s at work, and he’s just getting started again.  My review of psychological thriller, Grim Angel, follows


First, I must say, do not read this book late at night.  The author has a way with words which will keep you up listening for things to go bump.  Combining law enforcement, paranormal, psychological elements, historical figures, and history, Waclawiak created a roller coaster ride for her readers. This creepy mind-bending book grabs the reader in the first few sentence as Waclawiak set the hook and twists it in deep.  I had chill bumps at times.

Writing the book from present to past and back again in different chapters, was a very skillful stroke for this story.  As well as,


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