Favorite Coffee 1-4 By Victoria Pinder


Favorite Coffee 1-4
Favorite Coffee 1-4







 This is a boxed set of Victoria Pinder‘s Favorite Coffee Series 1-4.  I chose to review two of these wonderful stories.  Four books for the price of one.  What a deal!




In Favorite Coffee Favorite Mistake, the reader finds two lovers torn apart years ago.  Sandra Marshall and Wyatt meet on-board Penny’s wedding cruise again.  Sandra, as the wedding planner, must see all goes well;  hoping to transition from former wedding shop owner to wedding planner as a result of her supervision and planning.  Wyatt, along with his small daughter, is on-board for the wedding.  Both mothers, of the bride and groom, I would graciously describe as mothers from hell.

After Wyatt left Sandra, his high school love, he married and had a daughter.  However, there is much more to this story.  Sandra and Wyatt not only have to see the wedding goes off without disruption but resolve issues from the past.  My reviews for the romance novel, Favorite Coffee Favorite Mistake, follows.


Favorite Coffee Favorite Mistake by Victoria Pinder takes the reader on a wedding cruise filled with vengeful mothers, a very much in love wedding couple, friends galore, and high school lovers with issues to resolve.  I found the plot fast-paced and steady along with well-developed characters.  The reasons behind Wyatt’s desertion of Sandy all those years ago empathized what a good man Wyatt was;  he’s one with a deep sense of responsibility.   Add in his adorable daughter, Charlotte, and the reader will lose their heart.  What a sweet child.

Also, you will love to hate the mothers.  What pieces of work.  Excellent work, Ms. Pinder, in creating obnoxious villains.  Sandy is a hard-working woman, who never loved again.  As a result, Wyatt’s the only man she had ever wanted.  She is ready and willing to hear Wyatt’s explanations.  As the romance begins to feel the air, will Wyatt and Sandy overcome past mistakes?


Favorite Coffee Favorite Scandal By Victoria Pinder


The Marshall Family Saga

Favorite Coffee Favorite Scandal
Favorite Coffee Favorite Scandal










Eva Bishop, pregnant, alone, down to her last few cents, is offered an opportunity she can not pass up.  Brandon Campbell’s in need of a pregnant actress for his current movie project.  As well as, a spy to help him decide where all the over expenditures are going.   Desperate, Eva agrees;  she has always liked Brandon and agreeing to be his pretend girlfriend would be easy.

However, this simple job becomes complicated when emotions become involved.  Brandon finds his old attraction to Eva still exist.  While, Eva realizes Brandon’s a man who’s reliable, strong, and kind.  Will romance bloom in sunny California for Eva and Brandon?  Romance book reviews of Favorite Coffee Favorite Scandal follow.


Victoria Pinder took a role I did not like from earlier books and developed Eva into a likable maturing person.  A standalone read, I subject you read the previous books to give you character and story depth.  Eva’s development and maturity begins after she finds herself pregnant

She’s determined to raise her child in a secure, loving environment.  Eva’s also a person of moral character as she believes in paying her debts;  which is how she finds herself broke.  Brandon’s the answer to her prayers.  Pinder developed Eva from a woman with many insecurities to one who knows her worth.

Brandon’s a knight in shining armor.  I loved his determination to care for Eva and her baby;  not realizing emotions will begin to play a part in their relationship.  Pinder built the romance between Eva and Brandon slowly as each wrestled with their past and insecurities.  Brandon knows something about Eva’s history which no one else knows;  resulting in how Eva saw herself and her qualities.


The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted by Lucy Lyons


Book 8

The Vampire's Spell The Hunted
The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted










In The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted, Clay Masters “made werewolf“, has his hands full.  Not only the pack leader to the largest werewolf pack in America, he has to contend with the High Fae.  He works at the club Pulse, his pack has the first werewolf pregnancy ever known, and he has not bonded nor wed his mate, Ashlynn.  Then thing really begin to heat up for Clay and his pack.  The pregnant female’s kidnapped, Ashlynn’s captured trying to rescue her, and many are dead in the wake.

The divisions between, High Fae, Werewolf, Wererat, and Vampire will change as an unknown enemy tries to destroy all magical creatures;  beginning with the werewolves.  Times are changing for all magical creatures.  Will the Werewolves, High Fae, Wererats, and Vampires, survive the latest battle and struggle to live?  My paranormal book review of The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted, follows.


Author Lucy Lyons created a fast-paced action paranormal book in The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted.  Basing her world loosely on our human world, with all the same prejudices, faults, jealousies, envy and greed.  As well as, the deep caring and love which is found in both worlds.  Lyons has a wonderful imagination.

Clay’s development in The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted, is awesome.  He has come into his own;  maturing as his responsibilities increase and his magic manifest more and more.  Trying to build a secure safe place in the world of magical creatures for his pack, Clay finds friends in unlikely places.


Without A Hitch Boxed Set By Kent Hamilton



Without A Hitch Box Set, Cover, jpeg
Without A Hitch Box Set



Without a Hitch Book 1

Fatal attraction To Love Book 2

Piece of Cake Book 3






In Without A Hitch Boxed Set, author Kent Hamilton creates a continuing romance novel, which follows the meeting, romance, and marriage of Kari and John. Inseminated with her deceased husbands sperm, widowed Kari owns an up and coming bakery. Her cupcakes are a work of art.

As a result of catering a function for John’s mother, they meet. Things do not go well in their first meeting. John says things about Kari’s cupcakes, which hurt an emotional Kari deeply. Seeing this crying and hurting woman wounded by his words, John makes amends. Finding himself attracted to this beautiful woman, John begins his pursuit of Kari.

Kari and John find their emotions deeply involved. But, all does not go smoothly for John and Kari. Does love occur in a week? How will Kari tell John about her baby? Stalked by a demented woman, John’s life


The Wrong Bride By Emma Harper


A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance (Mail Order Brides Go West Book 4)

The Wrong Bride
The Wrong Bride









The Wrong Bride contains a collection of 15 bonus western romance stories and the lead story, The Wrong Bride.  A fantastic deal for readers; a total of 16 mail order bride stories with a total page count of 1095, for the price of one.  I chose to review the lead story The Wrong Bride.


In The Wrong Bride, Bethany finds herself pregnant and unwed.  She has her friend, Carol, answer a mail order bride advertisement from a man out west, correspond, and agree to marry Cody Bowles in her name.  Cody has a house ready and impatiently waits for his bride.  When her lover and father of her child proposes, Bethany ask Carol to break the news to Cody; she will not be coming to marry him.

Carol unattached after recently breaking up with her fiancé, does not have the heart to write Cody the bad news.  She wants a husband and family to love and if Bethany doesn’t want Cody, she does.  She decides to take Bethany’s place and marry Cody; using Bethany’s name she arrives to find Cody very sick.

Nursing Cody, Carol has an immediate attraction to this large handsome man; Carol finds she can’t tell him she’s not Bethany.  What is she going to do?  Can she stand in front of God, in his house of worship, and marry Cody under another


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