Sex For Fun By Charlotte Symonds




Sex For Fun, Cover











First and foremost, do not let the title scare you.  Author Charlotte Symonds has not converted to erotica.  You will find Sex For Fun, a wonderful romance; filled with intense emotions, discoveries, renewals, awakenings, and fun.

Olivia is hitting the big three O.  Beautiful, talented, and alone, she wants all the things everyone wants; love, security, and respect.  However, after finding her fiancé in flagrante delicto, her confident is at zero.  Olivia’s best friend, Jude, suggest a one-night-stand to get her back in the groove.  Can Olivia take part in a one-night-stand which definitely is not in her normal romance comfort zone?

Meeting a handsome hunky stranger on her morning run, offers the perfect opportunity to practice Jude’s advice.   Can Olivia step out of her comfortable zone of ordinary and safe to try something new and different?  Does Olivia have the courage to reach out with both hands for what she wants?  Is Olivia up for the adventure of a life-time?

Have a seat, grab a glass or cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy Sex For Fun.  After all, sex is always better when it is fun. 


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