Finally His Bride (Montana Born Brides Book 4) by Maisey Yates

Book Review

Luke is a man on overload when he enters Grays’ Bar and sees his friend Melanie hitting on a stranger. He Finally His Brideis dealing with a lot in his life now; his unmarried sister and Becket from Montana Born Brides Book 3 are pregnant. He thinks his business partner has stolen money, he needs to get laid but doesn’t hook up in his hometown; his life is going down the tubes, and his friend Melanie doing something totally out of character.


His Melanie was a delicate flower abused physically by her father as child; not this woman dressed to seduce and looking to hook up. So begins the story of Luke and Melanie, two people with issues, they have a lot to work out before they find that happy ever after.


Luke had always been Melanie’s protector, why is she so suddenly appealing sexually . Melanie had always wanted Luke. She wasn’t waiting any longer.  A dance of attraction begins. This book runs the gauntlet of emotions; physical and emotional abuse, dyslexia, fears of commitment, family issues, and low self-esteem. Author Maisey Yates did a great job of depicting the fear and


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