Secondhand Bride by Nancy Warren

Book Review

Ashley Carnarvon has always been the poor relation of the very rich Carnarvon family.  She lives with her unwed mother, Melody Carnarvon, on the largess of the Carnarvons; living on Secondhand Bridehand-me-downs and a home provided by the Carnarvons.  Her life is aimless partying with her friend and lover of ten years, Eric Von Hoffendam, working enough for spending money, and living on the outside of the ultra rich, never invited inside their world to their parties or tables.  Suddenly Eric proposes and somehow she’s engaged to a very rich aimless young man. She felt something was a little off;  his parents, Grace and Charles, welcomed Ashley and her mother with open arms and can’t seem to get them married fast enough. The Carnarvons loan Ashley a  used “Evanageline Wedding Dress” worth thousands of dollars.  It seems cursed as the seamstress cursed the dress after Evanageline criticized her work; Cousin Ted’s bride never got to wear it, as Ted chose an older woman


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