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Smugglers & Scones
Smugglers & Scones










In Smuggles & Scones, Pippa Winterbourne operates Moorehaven Bed and Breakfast.  Formerly owned by well-own internationally famous mystery author, A. Raymond Moore;  he left the house with instructions which included, the Bed and Breakfast guests must be authorsAuthors come to the B&B to rest, play games, eat, plot, and write.  By the way, they are as zany as the residents.

The towns full of quirky characters; which makes the authors feel right at home.  Secrets abound in this small town;  secret clubs, quaint residents, mysterious treasures, gossips, and nosiness.  From the Glaze and Gossip Club, the mysterious speakeasy once under the local tavern, the police chief ready for a coronary, boat wrecks, mobsters, smugglers, mysterious women, and murder, this town is perfect for the latest batch of authors.

The zaniness begins when a boat wrecks on the rocks and Pippa with her bunny slippers pull to safety handsome pilot Lake.  He has no memory of the wreck, the large lump on his head, or the dead man on the boat.  Pippa takes the responsibility of caring for Lake; which is a pleasure for her, she’s attracted to Lake.

Come along with Pippa and company as they find a murderer, possibly finds love, and solves a mystery.  My book review of Smugglers & Scones follows.


I loved the residents in Smuggles & Scones; zany, quirky, noisy, and ready at the drop of a hat to help each other.  Talbot has a finger on the pulse of small town America.  The authors fit right in as they cause all kinds of problems for Pippa and the town.  When I started the book, I found myself thinking: this one is not for me.  Boy was I wrong;  as I finished the first chapter, I was enthralled with the Pippa and the rest of the crew.


The Visitant: A Venetian Ghost Story by Megan Chance

Book Review

Elena Spira, after a scandal, has been banished to Venice to nurse Samuel Farber, who has been injured. She arrives in Venice in 1884 to find the palazzo is derelict, covered in mold, mildew, soot, windowed boarThe visitantded and on the inside total disrepair, ruin everywhere. I could see the ruin and feel Ms Spira’s despair from the author, Megan Chance, descriptions. Megan Chance did a wonderful job setting the scene for the meeting between Samuel Farber and Elena. Samuel used laudanum liberally for the pain of his injuries. Elena immediately takes the situation in hand.


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