Lady Lures The Earl By Eleanor Meyers


Lady Lures The Earl
Lady Lures The Earl



In Lady Lures The Earl, the reader’s treated to a romp through Regency England.  Madalene Kay, teacher and confidante to her charges at St. John’s School Of Girls in Bath, does not follow the strict regulations of the headmistress, Miss Joseph. Madalene’s forward-thinking and believes in nurturing and loving the girls.  As well as, mixing the social classes together for play and schooling.  In order to bring into the school a sponsored girl of lower class, she makes a deal with Miss Joseph.  Joseph, hoping to increase the coffers of the school, tells Madalene she must obtain permission for the Earl of Pengross daughter to attend St. John’s School Of Girls.  The task of obtaining admission of Lilias is not as simple as it seems.

The complication to Miss Joseph’s scheme involves Marshall, the Earl of Pengross.  Accused of murdering his father, Marshall’s face was horribly scarred before he’s released from prison. Proclaiming his innocence, the murderer was never found.  Reclusive, Marshall’s reputations in ruins.  The ton gossips and speculates about Marshall, whispering in full view. Marshall’s unprepared for the independent and strong Madalene.  Madalene’s also the talk of the ton; a nonconformist who will not conform to the ton’s mold;  she left the social whirl after her first season.

Come along with Marshall and Madalene as they fight each other and the growing attraction each feels.  As well as, try to solve the murder of Marshall’s father.  Will love win the day?  Or will each go their separate ways?  My romance book reviews of Lady Lures The Earl follows.


Although a fine romance, Meyers also included mystery in Lady Lures The Earl.  A sweet clean romance, this book has an intriguing murder mystery.  With Marshall’s father’s moral values the lowest of the low, I had a hard time feeling sorry he was dead.  Meyers did not reveal the murderer’s identity until the last possible moment; keeping the suspense and intrigue at high peak.


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