Something Of A Spark By Monique McDonell


A Jewel Sisters Romance Kindle Edition










In Something Of A Spark, Sapphire Smith’s a working girl.  She works three jobs and lives a modest lifestyle.  However, Saffy has a huge secret.  One of the 4 Jewel Sisters of Caudal Bay, Sapphire/Saffy is a millionaire songwriter.  Her family thinks she’s a PA for Nashville recording Artist Ryan Storm, but she also writes all his songs;  yes, this is a huge secret.   Home for a visit Saffy’s world is about to turn on a dime.  When she wrecks her car avoiding a young child, handsome, hot Fireman Campbell’s on the scene. Cam, a former attorney, loves Caudal Bay’s small-town feel, the people’s values, and above all, he values honesty.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

As Saffy and Cam’s relationship grows, Saffy realizes she has a problem.  Will Saffy’s lies stop this romance in its tracks and endanger her relationships with her family?  My romance book review of A Spark of Something follows.


Monique McDonell‘s A Spark Of Something is an intense romance filled with secrets, indecision, and insecurity, as well as, humor.  Sapphire, aka Saffy, Smith’s family is zany, wacky, close-knit, and loving.  One of the Jewell Sisters, all named for gems, Saffy has an over-protective mother, three sisters differing in personalities, and a steadfast father.  McDonell filled this lovely story with powerful family dynamics.

Secrets will not stay secret forever as Saffy finds in Something Of A Spark.  They have a way of biting you in the behind.  Ryan, a Nashville country singing artist, is Saffy’s most faithful and best friend.  He tried to persuade her to reveal to her family their association.  However, Saffy’s insecurities overcame common sense.


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