Maximus A Harvey Nolan Thriller By S. C. Abbey



Maximus A Harvey Nolan Thriller by S. C. Abbey
Maximus, A Harvey Nolan Thriller, Cover











Author S. C. Abbey crafted an all out action packed thriller filled with mystery and suspense in Maximus A Harvey Nolan Thriller.  Harvey Nolan, Nobel price winning professor, agrees to help find a missing friend and finds himself in the middle of a FBI investigation.  Christine has gone missing along with other young women in the New York area.  She awakens to find herself in a living nightmare.  Although, kept in a dungeon, starved, beaten and worse, she hangs on to life. She’s determined to live and find a way out.

Harvey, trying to find Christine, will run afoul of criminals, drug lords, and the FBI.  With the help of long time friend, Interpol Agent Katie Moulin, they will find a twisted trail of lies, secrets, and mysteries;  hopefully finding the missing women before it is too late.

Come along with Kate and Harvey as they fight the FBI and the criminals in this fast paced thriller. My


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