Big Bear (Rescue Bears) Book 3 By Scarlett Grove


Big Bear



The Big Gentle Grizzly Bear

Smart Curvy Accountant

Fated Mates on Fate Mountain



Wow!  This book is the best of series.  I hope I can inspire you to read about this gentle giant shifter.  Ms. Grove’s story-telling skills are evident in this book.  This book does not use sex to sale the story-line.


Author Scarlett Grove has given us the tale of Angus Grant, the big gentle giant.  Angus has a good heart and a very large body as a grizzly bear shifter;  he yearns for a mate but has not been matched on with his 100% fated mate.  Poppy Robins, accountant for Sound Import/Export, is curvy, wears glasses, a nonexistent romance life, and is


Chief Bear (Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance) (Rescue Bears Book 1) By Scarlett Grove




Shifters Are Out In The Open

Secret To The World No More

Romance And Mating




They have existed for thousands of years and finally they are out in the open.  They live within the human world and have dealt with prejudice, bigotry, and poverty.  Then the war came, and the shifters became heroes to the American public.  They are revered after years of abuse.

Levi Blackthorn, former Navy Seal, is leader of the Rescue Bears Team and owner of Fate Mountain Lodge on Fate Mountain; he is lonely and needs to find his fated mate. One of the rescue group has created a


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