Gone Without A Trace By Mary Torjussen




Gone Without A Trace by Mary Torjussen
Gone Without A Trace, Cover




In Gone Without A Trace, we find Hannah Monroe heading home from a successful conference; happy to soon be in the arms of her love, Matt.  What meets Hannah is out of a nightmare.  Every trace of Matt has disappeared, from text messages, photo’s, personal articles, and things they had purchased together.  It is as if Matt never existed. Then when Hannah did not think anything stranger could happen, odd things begin to occur.  Who is messing with Hannah and why?  Hannah, after days of crying, self-pity, and indecision, decides to find Matt and solve the mystery.

Come along with Hannah on a journey of suspense and terror.  My reviews for crime suspense novel of Gone Without A Trace follows.



Author Mary Torjussen crafted an intriguing spine tingling, criminal suspense novel in her first offering to readers, Gone Without A Trace.  First I must say, I found the main character, Hannah Monroe, whiny and insecure.  I understand her stress, shock, and heart-break, however, most people would immediately call the cops.  That said, I enjoyed the suspense, and twist and turns as Hannah began her search for Matt;  it all made sense as the plot’s revealed.


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