Rain By Adam C. Kelley




Rain, cover, jpeg
Rain, Cover



Author Adam Kelley has created an epic novel in Rain.  Spanning the lifetime of the two main characters, Rain is an intense novel.  Living on Mars in the future, Jake rescues Ellie from a raging river.  New graduate, Ellie, waiting for her appointment from the government has taken time off.  Finally, Ellie receives her appointment, similar to an agriculture agent today.  Ellie and Jake find themselves in the same area.

Meanwhile, the government did not grant Jake the stewardship of his father’s homestead station.  Consequently unemployed, Jake, seeks employment locally.  Finding a menial job as a farm hand, he and Ellie are together more and more; the attraction grows.  Inevitably, heartache will follow along with happiness and joy.   Mars is not an easy planet.  In Rain you will find:  friends made and lost, farms succeed others fail, plants thrive others die, marriages made babies born, and finally tribulation and possible disaster looms on


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