Sweet Christmas Kisses 4: The Gift Of Yesterday By Milou Koenings


Green Pines Romance

Sweet Christmas Kisses 4; The Gift Of Yesterday
Sweet Christmas Kisses 4; The Gift Of Yesterday







A collection of 14 stories complied into a boxed set.  Excerpt from collection:  Usher in the holiday season with 14 heartwarming all-new, stand-alone stories from New York Times, USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors. Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 takes you from the Pocono Mountains to sunny Florida, and as far away as Portugal.

I chose to review the romance story by Milou Koenings, The Gift Of Yesterday.


When Bailey Ames’ Aunt Muriel became ill, she returned from France where she schooled and studied;  Bailey put her dreams on hold to cared for her aunt.  After her Aunt Muriel’s death, it’s time for Bailey to spread her wings and live her dream.  Bailey, alone in the world, returns to Green Pines, the place of her teenage years and past happy times to open a pastry shop.

Joe Hudson has loved Bailey since a teenager.  Never able to  forget her, he dates, but his dates are always temporary.  With Bailey’s return, he finally sees a chance at happiness.  However, Bailey has relationship issues which force Joe to take a stand for love.  Will love win out in this sweet romance?  My contemporary romance book reviews of The Gift Of Yesterday follows.


Milou Koenings created a sweet clean romance which will touch the reader‘s heartKoenings placed her characters in the small town of Green Pines;  with all the closeness and protectiveness of each other you find in small communities. I love the atmosphere of small towns; from the gossips to the caring.

Koenings‘ tale of love never forgotten, held my interest from start to finish.  Joe’s character will bring out you’re rooting spirit; a fine, steady, determined, good man, who never forgot his first and only love.  His wealth has had no influence on his character, morals, or sense of community.  His determination to win Bailey is wonderful.  With issues of loss and losing the ones she has loved, Bailey, must face her hang ups head-on and make decisions which will impact her life. 


Wisdom Tree By Mary Manners

wisdom tree
Wisdom Tree, cover








Christian Romance Fiction At Its Finest

A Wonderful Book Relevant To Today


Author Mary Manners’ novel, Wisdom Tree, ask and answers many questions.  Does running from our problems ever work?  Can we out run the piper and must we face our problems alone?  Wisdom, when is it acquired, is there a certain age we suddenly become wise?  Author Mary Manners has penned a wonderful Christian romance novel in which each character will find the answers to these and other questions!



Pastor Jake Samuel’s plate is full to over flowing with a rebellious adolescent brother, a Church to pastor, and the many parishioners problems and programs to supervise.  Into his life walks a beautiful woman who is his brother teacher, Carin O’Malley.

Jake is striving to parent Corey to the best of his ability while they are dealing with the sudden death of their parents. Corey is a typical under-achieving, always in trouble, hormonal, rebellious, full of attitude adolescent.  Carin is dealing with the death of first her mother and shortly after, her brother.

As a result, each has wounds and issues that color their life and relationships.  Carin ran from Nashville to find peace;  what is she afraid of and why did she run?  Corey is failing in school and rebelling against everything.  Jake is hanging on with God’s help doing his best to be the parent Corey needs and the Pastor God wants.


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