Abbey’s Tale By Katherine McDermott


Abbey's Tale by Katherine McDermott
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In Abbey’s Tale, author Katherine McDermott created a clean sweet romance.  Set in a small fishing village, the community’s tight-knit.  Jeremy McKetcheon, an Irish immigrant, is the light-keeper for the local lighthouse.  Horribly disfigured on one side of his face during the civil war, Jeremy has what we know today as PTSD.  With nightly nightmares and flash backs of the battles, Jeremy hides on the island with his lighthouse duties and wood craving.

Abigail Morrison, aka Abbey, blind from birth lives in the main village with her father who is postmaster.  Abby lives through the wood cravings her father brings from the lighthouse keeper.  Beautiful pieces which expand Abbey’s world.  Pestering her father to meet the carver who so lovingly creates the pieces, journey across the water just before a storm.  As fate would have it, their boat capsizes and Jeremy does his best to save them.  Neither of them knew how a simple trip and an act of rescue would change their lives.   My reviews for romance novel, Abbey’s Tale, follows.



Firstly, let me say, how much I enjoyed this book.  In Abbey’s Tale we find two needy people who come together to save each other.  Jeremy saved Abby from the sea, and Abbey saved him from himself.  Secondly, I loved the fact McDermott gave both of her characters such wonderful personalities and morals.

Jeremy’s guilt ridden and Abbey’s alone in a dark world;  will these two forge a relationship built on caring?  Seen as a recluse in the beginning of book, by the end, Jeremy comes out of his shell and faces the world.  Abbey’s small world of the village, expands as she grows more confident.   Seen by the world as disabled, Jeremy sees only the woman he loves and Abbey sees the man she loves and who holds her heart.


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