Hiding The Truth By Kent Hamilton


Hiding The Truth
Hiding The Truth










In Hiding The Truth Kathy and Paul have settled in Farvale.  Kathy did not know Paul had a brother. He kept his existence secret.  Thrown out of the army, Daniel’s headed to the ranch to live.  Paul intends for things to change for his brother.  Daniel’s a low down good for nothing drunkard, who lies, cheats, and steals.  But Paul’s determined he’ll pull his weight on the ranch or leave.  Meanwhile, Kathy’s friend, Sarah, wrote asking for help as her husband killed himself; she has a new baby and nowhere to go.  Of course, Kathy and Paul also take her into their home.  Using Paul’s “hid away money”, he and Sarah agree to build Sarah a small house on a nearby piece of land.

When Daniel arrives drunk, accompanied of the Sheriff, Paul puts him in the barn to slept it off. The next morning Paul gives Daniel an ultimatum, either work on the ranch or leave.  Also, Kathy’s holding a secret close to her chest she has not revealed to Paul.

When Sarah arrives, Daniel picks her up and something happened to him he couldn’t explain.  Working hard on Sarah’s cabin and the ranch, Daniel seems to be changing.  What has happened to Daniel?  What is Sarah’s Secret?  My romance book reviews of Hiding The Truth follows.


Hiding the truth never works as Daniel and Sarah, then Paul and Kathy discovered. This is a story of a second chance for Daniel and hope for his future. Hamilton skillfully matured Daniel after he met Sarah; becoming a changed man.  Sarah, with


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