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Preacher Man
Preacher Man










Regan Samuels and Josh Gregory have starring roles in awarding winning author Laurie Larsen‘s Preacher Man;  a sweet clean inspirational romanceRegan’s divorced after fifteen years of marriage, raising a hormonal teenager, and doing her best to build a new life for them from the scraps left of her former life.  Befuddled by how it happened, her best friend Liz, talks her into participating in a charity date auction.  Humiliation does not begin to describe how Regan felt as she awkwardly stood on the stage waiting for a bidder.  Unfortunately, the only bidder pays $50.00 for a date with Regan.

Josh Gregory’s the only bidder for the date with Regan.  After arranging the details, Josh shows up on motorcycle of all things.  At her age, Regan’s far from ready to climb on this death machine.  But, climb on she does.  Josh and Regan hit it off;  then he drops a bomb shell.  He’s a Christian and a Minister.  Regan does not attend church nor feel close to God;  oh, she believes God exist, but has not accepted him nor his care and love for her.

Two polar opposites attracted from the first date, Josh and Amber slowly advance.  Josh is looking for a wife;  a partner in life and his ministry.  Regan’s still dealing with the impact of the divorce, has many insecurities, and knows she is not worthy;  she’s just not suitable for a Minister.  For she has secrets she’s hiding which will greatly impact any relationship she and Josh form.  But, God has plans for these two opposites; come and enjoy my review of Preacher Man, as God places his hand on two lives.  My inspirational romance book reviews of Preacher Man follows.


Laurie Larsen created an intensely emotional book, as well as, filling the story-line with laughter.  From the first page I was hooked as Larsen sent a frightened, insecure, and awkward Regan out on the auction stage.  What a funny scene she created in the beginning of the story.  The conversations Regan has with herself are hilarious as well as, heart breaking.  At times I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or do both at the same time.

Larsen‘s writing is vivid, crisp, fresh, and clear, as she leads us through this wonderful love story; a love story with many layers.  She had no need of fluff or sex to full the pages;  the story-line held me enthralled as I become involved in the characters lives.  Larsen‘s characters are well-developed and full-bodied with pacing which never slowed.


Wicked and Haunted By Lotta Smith


Paranormal in Manhattan Mystery: A Cozy Mystery on Kindle Unlimited Book 6

Wicked and Haunted
Wicked and Haunted










Mandy and Rick are back in Wicked and Haunted by author Lotta Smith, this case involves a haunted ring.  While planning their up-coming wedding, dealing with the future mother-in-law from hell, and solving the case of the haunted ring, Mandy and Rick finds themselves in the middle of lots of action.  The ring’s having definite disastrous results on people; then you have mother-in-law, Alice, trying to turn their wedding into a circus event.  Planning everything from llama ring bearers to exchanging tattoos instead of rings, Mandy and Rick are at wit’s end.

All your old favorites put in an appearance as Mandy and Rick work to solve their latest case and have a normal wedding, .  My paranormal romance book reviews for Wicked and Haunted follows.



Although Wicked and Haunted, is the first book of this series I have read, it’s not the last.  I plan to read all the earlier books. Filled with zany characters, hilarious snips, and snarky dialogue, I laughed continuously.  I loved the characters Smith developed for this book; from the zany Jackie to the domineering demanding Alice.


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