Judas and Jezabel By C. Y. Brown



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Judas and Jezabel, Cover











Set in New Jersey, Judas and Jezabel is an intense look into a dysfunctional family. Rich beyond measure, Sharon and Connor hire a reputable nanny, Carol, for her baby girl, Cindy. The family appears a fully functioning stable home. However, beneath the surface hides, greed, lies, deceit, and betrayal. As time passes, the marriage hits the rocks. Carol, stuck in the middle, watches as these two battle over everything from parental rights to money, play psychological games, lie, and defraud. Trapped in the middle of these battles are Carol and young Cindy.

Come alone as author C. Y. Brown gives us a look inside the marriage, attitudes, and divorce of the rich.  As well as how this rich family really saw their employees. My contemporary novel review of Judas and


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