The House Of The Soul by Annie Dawson


The House Of The Soul by Annie Dawson
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Author Annie Dawson’s novel, The House Of The Soul, an intense thought-provoking novel of discovery and self-validation, will grab the reader in the first paragraphs.  Ella Casey’s life is humdrum and very ordinary.  Raising 2 boys, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and loving; what happened to the up and coming woman working with the Peace Corps?  Once upon a time, Ella had big dreams and ambitions?  Ella will set out on a journey of discovery when she travels to her best friend Teri Flores’ home for a Peace Corps reunion.  Teri is Ella’s opposite; she is rich, famous, and accomplished.  What will Ella find on her journey of discovery?  Will she find answers in the past and will her future become clear?  Can Ella reconcile the life she has with the life she wants?  Grab a seat, my contemporary women’s fiction book reviews of The House Of The Soul by Annie Dawson follows.


First let me say, I found The House of The Soul an enjoyable and entertaining novel.  Filled with discontent and the desire for more, the readers drawn into Ella’s life as Dawson detailed her journey.  Drawing on life experiences, Dawson skillfully wove the many story-lines together to form a cohesive novel.  Also, Dawson gives the reader an in-depth look into the Peace Corps and how it functioned in Africa.


Bright Morning Star: Western Historical Romance Series (Western Wives Book 4) by Janet Biery

Bright Morning Star

Powerful Emotions

Powerful Story

Will Be Your Favorite Author

The journey west continues in the latest installment of Western Wives books by Janet Biery.   This story is told from Claire’s point of view. Claire is young, spoiled, vain, and immature as she starts this journey, it is our privilege to watch Claire grow into a mature adult by the time her journey ends.


All of Ms. Biery’s stories are full of emotion and this story is no exception. You will feel every emotion available before the end of the book, from envy, sadness, joy, and even the urge to smack Claire.


This was a hard journey for everyone with endless perils and dangers whether it was from inexperience or


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