Betty’s Blessing By Jo Huddleston


A sweet romance story of unbidden love, set in 1956

(California Bound Book 2)

Betty's Blessing
Betty’s Blessing










Betty and Mary Ann are in town for Donna’s wedding.  You will remember Donna and Tommy from Donna’s Detour Book 1.  Greg Turner came as Tommy’s best man.  Betty has an aversion to every thing about Greg;  throwing snarks and snipping at every turn.  Greg, however, finds himself attracted to the beautiful woman.  He can’t understand what she has against him.  Will circumstances change and allow these two to find happy ever after?  My review of Betty’s Blessing follows.


Once again author Jo Huddleston created a well-written, clean, sweet, romance, in Betty’s BlessingHuddleston‘s created quite a character in Betty;  funny, snarky, and opinionated.  She’s doesn’t mind stating her opinion.  However, Betty’s immature when it comes to relationships;  always expecting the worse. I wanted to shake her and tell her to grow up;  I became very impatient with her.

You will love Greg;  a man who had searched for something in his life; has he finally found it?  He’s ready for a permanent relationship, however, he’s mystified by Betty at times.  Then a two crisis’ occurs;  will Betty resolve her issues, opening her eyes and seeing the truth?


Donna’s Detour By Jo Huddleston







Get Your Kiss On Route 66








In Donna’s Detour, Jo Huddleston crafted a sweet and clean romance fiction novel.  Donna Turner and two friends head to California; leaving Alabama behind for the big city lights.  However, when Donna runs out of money, fate steps in.  Donna’s left in Needles, California to find a job, earn money, and continue her trip.  Finding a God sent protector in the boss of the local café, Donna hires on as a waitress.  Meanwhile, she saves her money to proceed to California.

When Tommy walks into the café on a hot dusty day, Donna’s heart uplifts.  Donna measures all men by Tommy.  He is Godly, handsome, sweet, and all manner of wonderful traits.  Will Tommy remember his best friends sister?  What were the chances Tommy would walk into the dinner in Needles?   What will be Tommy’s reaction if Donna reveals her feelings?  Will they forge a deeper emotional relationship?  What does God have in store for Donna and Tommy?

Grab your favorite beverage and have a seat; my romance novel review of Donna’s Detour follows.



First let me state, what a relaxing fun read I found in Donna’s Detour.  Written with young adults and adults in mind, this book is clean and sweet.  I found Donna and Tommy’s faith touching and enriching.  This Christian romance will warm your heart.

Author Jo Huddleston crafted a smooth well-written book.  The story-line moved gracefully from chapter to chapter as we came to know Tommy and Donna.  Furthermore, the character development proceeded throughout the story-line as we find Tommy and Donna have great faith in God and his guidance for their lives.  The story-line has just the right amount of religious elements for believability without pushing the reader.  As a result, you need not be religious to enjoy this novel.


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