The Baron In Bath By Isabella Thorne


Miss Julia Bellevue: A Regency Romance Novel

Heart of a Gentleman Book 4

The Baron In Bath By Isabella Thorne
The Baron In Bath










The Baron In Bath, a Regency romance, features Julie Bellevue and Godwin Gruger, Baron of Fawkland.  Julie’s an absolute horror at the society whirl.  She’s out spoken, never says the correct thing, blurts out what’s on her mind, and she’s tall as an amazon, as well as, awkward and insecure.  Tales, rumors, and gossip, persist and never died of her parentage; increasing her insecurities.

After her father’s death, Julie finds he’s betrothed her to Godwin Gruger, Baron of Fawkland.  Gossips say he’s a rake and produced bastards numbering from one to twenty-five, depending on who recounting the tale;  the gossip flies across society and the ton endlessly.  The terms of her inheritance, tied to marrying Godwin, breaks her heart;  she’ll lose her beloved home in Bath if the marriage does not take place.

Julie and her sister, Jane, travel to Bath to meet her future intended; who’s the brother of her childhood confident and friend Cedric.  In a flurry of parties, dances, and social events, Julie finds she still does not fit in with the idea of the Regency woman; she’s out spoken, far from graceful, an amazon in a jungle of beautiful petite ladies, and insecure.  Julie finds herself torn between two battling brothers.  Her friend from the past or Godwin, her father’s  choice of husband, into whose hands will Julie decide to place her future?  Or will she surprise everyone and choose another gentleman?  My Regency romance book reviews of The Baron In Bath follows.


Oh my, what a wonderful tale of love, jealousy, envy, and romance, Isabella Thorne created for us in The Baron In Bath.  With a variety of characters, we get to see our favorites from earlier books and glimpse into their lives.  The twist and turns and revelations in this book kept coming as Throne led us through her Regency tale. 


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