Stark September By C. D. Bradley









In Stark September, we find Captain Kira Riley, new graduate of medical school, stationed at Fort Carson.  Her world turns on a dime when she literally runs into Sergeant Owen Stark.  Kira strives for success as a doctor and Owen’s life is his team.  Kira and Owen have issues and tragedies in their past which they hold close to the chest and heart.  The attraction between the higher ranking Captain and Sergeant is immediate and intense.  The emotional scars, fraternization, a multitude of other women, alternate life styles, and issues will make their journey a long twisted road.   Kira discovers a dark side to Owen’s love life.  Can the dark lover and the vanilla woman find happiness?

Come along with Owen and Kira as they journey through the many twists and turns of villains, mysteries, military service and life.




Pioneer Brides-Mail Order Bride by Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer

mail order brides

Romance in the West!  Strong Sexy Cowboys, Need I say more?


This is a four box set of western romances about strong men and even stronger women that settled the west.

The women came to find the love of a lifetime. Each is a short novella that is very enjoyable. I love Ms. Wake’s and Fiffer’s writing style.



The Rival Bride Book 1

This is the first story in this four box set. Kristine is a young woman with a gambling father that has practically sold her to Robert Miller, a rancher and widower still in love with his dead wife, as a bride.

In exchange he will pay her fathers debts and enable her 2 sisters, Courtney and Patricia, to stay in finishing school. This novella is full of sorrow, jealousy, insecurity, sadness, and finally joy in the morning.

Ms. Wake and Fiffer filled this story with emotion and she added an adversary, Abby, for Robert’s affections. Though short this story was very enjoyable as we watch Kristine grow and Robert find he has a jewel in Kristine; they find their happy ever after.

Had the story been longer Ms. Wake and Fiffer could have fleshed out the story of the rivalry for Robert’s affections; this was still a short enjoyable read.



Letters of Love Book 2

Courtney, Kristine’s seventeen-year-old sister, is the star of this story. Court is in love for the first of her life; Curly, Abby’s ranch hand, has been writing love letters to her. She and


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