Love’s Chance By Emily Murdoch


Love's Chance
Love’s Chance










Katherine, aka Kitty, Morrison’s life went to Hades in the last three years.  Running off at sixteen with Mr. Ernest Gilman, life did not proceed as she thought it would.  Now considered a fallen woman, prostitution’s her only option.  Working day and night, finally, a man comes into her life who knows someone in Sweet Grove.  Sweet Grove, where her sister Elizabeth purchased land;  how ironic, that Thomas Bryant and Katherine, searching for the same thing, will team up as man and wife in a marriage of convenience.  Traveling from Nacogdoches to Sweet Grove, Texas will they become a united couple?

Sweet Grove represents forgiveness, second chances, and security.  Thomas, however, has an agenda of his own; alienated from his family and ashamed of his behavior, Thomas has his own insecurities.  Will these two find what they need?  Can love bloom or will love once again be a let down for Kitty?  Will Sweet Groves occupants welcome them or turn them away in horror?  My romance book reviews of Love’s Chance follows.


The Sweet Grove Series by author Emily Murdoch grabs the reader immediately as Murdoch penned an emotional heart grabbing tale of second chances, forgiveness, and love.  How sad the only option open for a fallen woman in 1841 is to prostitute herself for survival.  I felt Kitty’s desperation and sorrow in the house of prostitution.  While Thomas feels shame for his past and the things he did to his family; each emotion’s pungent.  Murdoch‘s descriptive writing’s vivid; I could see the people, the smell the odors, and feel the emotions of Thomas and Kitty.


To Know Her Calling By Heather Earles


To Know Her Calling
To Know Her Calling










In To Know Her Calling, Louise meets a masked stranger at the skating rink.  Many skaters are wearing beautiful scarfs, which two beautiful employees helped her put on;  explaining she could buy the scarf or turn it in at the end of her night.  Having fun, trying to skate after years, and of course falling, a masked stranger comes to her rescue; giving her pointers and the scarf to keep.  Raul, the masked man, could not keep his eyes off the beautiful woman he helped on the skating floor.  The attraction’s mutual.  She ask him to come dancing with her and her brothers the next night.  Things are moving fast;  is romance within God’s will for Louise and Raul?

Louise, a woman of faith and prayer, works hard, living a normal American life; family, church, friends, and teaching dance.  Raul’s a mystery covered by a scarf;  which she eventually persuades him to remove.  She sees a handsome foreigner with a scar running down his face. What is it about this man that attracts her so?  He owns the skating rink, but what’s his story?  Spending more and more time together the attraction grows into much more.  Raul has secrets; secrets, which when revealed, may cause Louise to run the other way.  My Christian romance book reviews follows.


To Know Her Calling is filled with emotion, faith, family dynamics, and secrets. The faith Raul and Louise have is awe-inspiring as each are Christians and faithful to God’s commands.  A clean sweet romance, Earles crafted a wonderful romance which will keep you reading to the last page.  Filled with family dynamics and obligations, she shows two close-knit faith based families who worship God and pray for guidance daily.


The Steps By Iveta Redliha



The Steps
The Steps










The Steps, begins with a prologue in which a boy, ease-dropping hears his name and the word surrogacy.  Raised in an orphanage and determined to find his mother, he hears just enough to know he must find out more.  Fast forward to a grown man, Lucas, who can seem cold and menacing in an instance. He is on a mission; one which will either be successful or lead to destruction.

Reyna inherited Bradbury Mansion, in need of much repair, holds secrets which will affect many lives.  Unaware her mother purchased the mansion just before her suspicious death, Reyna needs to decide what to do with this falling down master piece.   Arriving to see her inheritance, Reyna quietly contemplates the grounds and mansion when a stranger suddenly appears.   Lucas introduces himself to Reyna as a neighbor;  she felt shivers run over her at the look in his eyes and his attitude.  Who is this man who keeps popping up when least expected?  How and why did her mother buy this mansion?  Leonora, Reyna’s mother, held dark secrets for many years which when revealed will change everything.  My review suspense thriller book review of The Steps follows.


Originally written in Latvian and translated to English, The Steps, grabs the reader immediately.   I found a few language issues, however, they did not affect my enjoyment of the book.  A fast paced thrill ride of secrets, lies, and a dark dank


Mastering Darkness By Kate Wendley


mastering darkness


How Do You Like Your Vampire?

A Master Vampire Of The Atlanta Territory

A Beautiful Human Woman

Shifters And Vampires As You Have Never Seen Them

Filled With Emotions And Desire To Belong





Author Kate Wendley has created a world of shifters and vampires that is very different.  We see them with emotions, insecurities, jealousy, envy, in other words, we see human emotions in her characters.


Anthony is the Master Vampire of the Atlanta Territories; he is a good Master who punishes when he must and has been emotionally alone for almost 300 years.  Romantic relationships never work for him


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