Desert Heat By P. H. Turner

  BV   Desert Heat


The Desert Of The Nations

Ghost, Witches, and Human Trafficking

Action And Love In The Desert Heat

The Nation Book Two




This is the 2nd book in P. H. Turner’s Nation Series;  it is a stand alone read.  In this novel by author P. H. Turner, we find the deplorable business of Human Trafficking of juvenile girls from Mexico to the U.S. for the sex trade.   Ms. Turner showed this industry in all its low and dirty elements and the men that become rich from this crime.  The two main characters, CPS Investigator for the Navajo and licensed social worker


Refining Fire by Peterson, Tracie

Refining Fire


Seattle 1889

Two With Faith, Two Without

Human Trafficking


This is the 2nd book in the Brides of Seattle Series; it is a stand alone read. This book was a joy to read and review.


Story Line:

Militine is a very bitter young woman in 1889 Seattle Washington. She has turned her back on God.  Her best friend Abrianna Cunningham is the adopted daughter of the prioress of the Madison Bridal School, very religious and zealous in her beliefs, to the point of being obnoxious at times.


Both young women live at the Madison Bridal School of Seattle.  Militine has a past that she is running from and what better place to hide than the Bride School. Abrianna is a little general and


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