Kiss Of The Virgin Queen By Sharon Buchbinder

kiss of the virgin queen

Author Sharon Buchbinder has continued her wonderful tale of werewolves and jinnis.  This one will take you back in history to King Solomon as she builds on her story-line in present time and incorporates history.  Intriguing and action packed, relax with a cold drink and enjoy this wonderful story.



Eliana Solomon, agent with Homeland Security, is back in the thick of things in this action packed book created by author Sharon Buchbinder.  Called to Summertown, West Virginia to investigate the disappearance of 3 werewolf boys and 3 eighteen year old sisters, Eliana finds she must once again face the jinni, their danger to humanity, and their evil natures. Calling her team together, she is forced to ask for the help from attractive Dr. Arta Shahani, Psychiatrist and jinni expert and the man who left her to die in the desert on their last mission together.


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