Lord Of Pleasure By Erica Ridley


Lord Of Pleasure By Erica Ridley
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In Lord Of Pleasure, the reader finds a lively romp through Regency England.  Mousy good girl Camellia Grenville barely opens her mouth and sits in the corners; she guards her reputation to make sure her two sisters, Dahlia and Bryony, find suitable matches. Considered on the shelf, a wallflower, an old maid, Camellia’s the dutiful daughter.  Her one glory is music where she excels; privately Camellia has dreams.  Unwilling to go meekly along with her parents decision for her life, Camellia finds herself at a notorious masked ball dressed to kill.  Ready for some fun in her life, she gets more than she expected.

Lord Wainwright, reputedly a hell-rake, hedonist, debaucher of women, suddenly finds himself betting he can change his reputation. He has 40 days to succeed and stay out of the papers.  However, fate places a delectable masked young woman in his path.  Staying respectable will be very hard to do.  Will fate allow Wainwright and Camellia to forge a relationship that could destroy all she holds dear.  Is a love match possible between the debaucher and the good girl?  My reviews of romance novel, Lord of Pleasure, follows.


Lord of Pleasure is fine romp in the ballrooms and parlors of Regency England.  Combining two very different people together was an artistic stroke by Ridley.  Or were they really, deep inside, so very different?  I loved how well the sisters related and


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