The Governess Who Stole My Heart By Hanna Hamilton


A Historical Regency Romance Novel

The Governess Who Stole My Heart
The Governess Who Stole My Heart











Left at altar by, Simon the Duke of Lennox brother, Susan Wilton continues teaching school in her village;  hiding her anger, shame, and grief deep inside.  She’s not afraid of being a spinster. Her mom wonders if she will ever marry.  Daniel, a childhood friend home from the navy, begins to court Susan.  Then Susan receives a wonderful offer to teach the Duke’s daughter and care for the motherless child.  A sad lonely little girl, who’s ignored by her father, Susan can not say no.

As the Duke and Susan work together, they become closer and closer.  Daniel increases his suite.  With two men vying for her hand, things take a turn, who will she choose?  My historical romance book reviews follows.


Author Hanna Hamilton created a historical novel filled with twists and turns and the dynamics of relationships.  Hamilton skillfully wove romance in this story-line.  Susan sees problems with a sea Captain whose home little, always at a different port.  Hamilton showed her worry and hesitation in forming such a marriage.  Daniel’s character’s a gentleman, with manners, and morals.  John, the Duke of Lennox, is a sad man who has grieved the loss of his wife in child-birth for years;  blaming the child.  I felt so sorry for both, John and his daughter, Elizabeth.  John, for all he’s missing in his misplaced blame and Elizabeth in the loss of a close relationship with her father.  Hanna Hamilton added in family dynamics in John’s relationship with his brother, Simon.  Also, he’s far different from others of the ton;  he works hard on the estate and cares little for social position.  I loved watching him open up and let go of his grief.

Susan’s a strong woman, who refuses to make decisions on the spur of the moment.  She’s torn between two good men;  each with much to offer and each having draw backs.  She was reluctant to give either man an answer.  A teacher and nurturer at heart, she takes Elizabeth into her heart.   It’s wonderful to watch Elizabeth bloom under Susan’s tutelage and care.  Susan’s character’s not a saint; she has issues just as all of us do.  Issues she must face and resolve.


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