Audrey’s Promise By Susan Sheehey




Audrey's Promise By Susan Sheehey
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Although classified as a romantic suspense novel,  the reader finds much more in Audrey’s PromiseAuthor Susan Sheehey filled this novel with emotion, suspense, and intrigue.  Audrey Allen’s poised at the pinnacle of success.  Running for senate in the great state of Texas, if elected Audrey, aka the Peacemaker, would be the youngest member elected.  Supporting the establishment/funding for a much-needed crisis center as well as running for office, Audrey has a busy life.

However, on her trail tabloid journalist Ethan Tanner, intends to bring down another politician with their hidden secrets or dirty laundry.  All he has to do, is discover the Peacemaker’s dirty secrets, write the article of a lifetime which will sabotage her political campaign, and his boat will sail into the New York Times.  He knows she cannot really be as squeaky clean as she appears; after finagling an invitation to her small home town family Thanksgiving, he is ready to strike.

Things heat up as Ethan and Audrey face off.  The family is not happy in the Biddinger household nor is


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