Recipe for DIY Grass and Weed Killer(really anything it is sprayed on)

Actually this will kill anything you spray it on, so be CAREFUL not to let the spray hit something you do not want to kill.

You will need:


1 gal of white vinegar

2 cups of Epson Salt

1/4 cup of Dawn Blue Original Dish Soap

I heat the vinegar in the microwave, then pour in the epson salt and stir until melted.  The original recipe did not say to do this, but I found the epson salt plugged up my sprayer if I didn’t melt the salt. It is a little hard to dissolve, get the vinegar hot and it melts well.  Pour vinegar salt mixture into sprayer, lastly pour in dish soap to keep the bubbles down.

I have found this is a good alternate to roundup and so much cheaper.  You can find the epson salt on amazon cheaper than buying the small boxes/bags in town, the vinegar is really inexpensive at Sams Club.  I buy 4-6 two packs at a time we use so much vinegar at our house.

I don’t know where this recipe came from originally, but if anyone knows the original site, please let me know and I will give credit to the original poster.  I think everyone desires credit for their work and will be glad to do so.  The photo is from the University of California.




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